You've correctly answered the first six quizzes in the contest celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the DOFUS MMO? Perfect! Of course, you'll have to stay on course if you want to get the next item: the P'Nata Cape is the goal of this next and seventh stage. A reward that you'll need after today's flashback: Frigost!  


The first act plays out on June 26: after a week in beta, the Frigost expansion welcomes its first adventurers. A second episode is not far behind.

2010, the year of the great cold? It's in December that access to Nowel Island is opened again. An ideal period to spend the Ogrines that appeared in March, while the young and shy Kama Exchange was begining the conquest of all 2.0 servers!

But let's not digress any further, we don't want to cool your jets. It is high time you high tailed to the 2010 quiz page and continued your unstoppable march to the P'Nata cape!