For this eighth stage in our great contest, we could have asked you what was the record that was beaten on Februray 27, 2011. The correct answer would have been, of course, the number of simultaneous connections with 216,000 players connected at the same time! But you'd call us out on our roguish side. So instead, we'll test you about two very classy releases.


Born at the end of December 2010, it's in 2011 that the Rogues demonstrate the full extent of their power! As soon as we've had (barely) time to learn to dodge the bombs that, on February 15, first-class contestant come to the play: the Masqueraiders. We could go on and on about what they actually share with another famous masked avenger, but we'd be digressing (for a change). The only thing that matters, is to go answer the 2011 quiz with a single goal in mind: winning the P'Nata Shield!