It seems some of you are still hesitating about getting an Archiduk sidekick. For from them to leave you hanging, the time keepers brotherhood swoops back in full force: your sidekick is now available as a free test for a week!

Ever since time has been time, the Archiduks have watched over Xelorium. This is a historical fact! From up in their cosmic perches, members of this ancient brotherhood have been observing temporal variations, looking for anomalies, paradoxes, or any other peril endangering the integrity of the space-time flux. They are the keepers, the guardians of this frail balance.

But don't you think for even a second that they're the "great wise sitting-all-day" type! It's actually quite the contrary. When such a peril arises, the Archiduks teleport fast as they can and fight with all their might to safeguard the space-time continuum!

And it just so happens that these extraordinary wizards have decided to leave the comfort of Xelorium to come lend you a hand!

They've been available in the Great Emporium for a week, and now the Archiduks are available as a free test for the upcoming week. 
Go to the Vigilante HQ in the Milicluster to receive your Archiduk ethereal sign. 

Hurry up, Fraternica is waiting.