This was yesterday! After months of superheroes and super-villains, in December came the Multimen! This tenth quiz in our grand contest is here to remind you of that, but also to keep getting you closer to the P'Nata Shield. If you want it, only one way: be a... super-player!


So close, and yet so far away... Remember this funny Ecaflip who planted his little house in Astrub? He's a super hero (but not a superhero), that Kerub. Not at all the kind to spend his time in front of the TV, even in order to watch the DOFUS Youtube channel, which started out in march!

Well, there was so much to explore last year: Frigost III, Wabbit Island, the Sunktuary, the Lost Dimension... No doubt about it, you had to have guts to come near those! Be it superhero or super-villain guts, that depended on you...

By the way, what did you get out of it? You'll find out by trying and answering the questions in the 2013 quiz!