To all disillusioned adventurers out there, those of you that are sure they know the World of Twelve like the back of their hand and that it held no more surprise for them: may they (and everyone else for that matter) prepare for their greatest adventure yet! Because the Microkrosmoz is opening its enormous doors! And you, will you be up to the task at hand? 

Sometimes, you'd like to make yourself scarce... wouldn't you? Be it in order to escape an overpowered opponent, a boring family dinner, or simply in order to visit the tiniest corners of the World of Twelve...

Speaking of which, the 2.24 Update lands today and brings with it the possibility to see the world at different angle! But don't expect to wander in peace or flee from the enemy. Because while the Rikiki Dungeon is meant for starting players at level 40, the creatures it is home to stay dangerous... and mostly unexpected! 

Let yourself be engrossed in the grand scope of a tiny world... and good luck!