You might not be aware of it, as we're keeping that on the down-low, but DOFUS is actually celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary. I know, crazy, right? Who would have thought! So it got us thinking: "How do you see DOFUS in 10 years?". Quite the question, right? Answer it with a drawing, or any kind of graphical creation, with the utmost liberty. You could make your way into the top 51 of our creative contest!

DOFUS 10 years creative contest

Sometimes on the forums, you've expressed your ideas, or your hopes, for DOFUS. Whatever their qualities, quite often they bump into technical constraints or into the very important global cohesion of the game. 

So, for this creative contest, we're dropping all the barriers and explanding (it's a word, don't look it up) all the limitations: your imagination reigns supreme! Nothing is true, all is permitted! It's your call... your way of seeing DOFUS, 10 years from now!

A jury composed of Ankama Games member will select more then fifty winners. You wanna be one of them? Only one way: let your creativity run wild! And maybe you'll win one of the several gifts we're offering, from the P'Nata Hat to a full year of DOFUS subscription.

« ANKAMA GAMES (RCS Lille métropole : 492 360 730) located at 75 bd d’Armentières 59100 Roubaix – France, is, from Oct 20, 2014 to Nov 12, 2014 (23h59 – Paris time), organizing a free game with no obligation to purchase, called the "10 Years of Dofus Grand Creativity Contest" open to any physically existent person the world over. To participate in the contest, send a drawing or any other graphical creation that answers the question: "How Do You See DOFUS in 2024?" to [email protected] , being sure to also include your Ankama account pseudonym. Only one entry per person overall, regardless of category (i.e. whether "drawing" or "other graphical creation"). 23 3rd place winners and 2 2nd place winners in each category and only 1 grand prize winner overall, across all categories. Grand prize: 1-year subscription to the MMORPG DOFUS + dedicated 10 Year Artbook + Multiman 4 pack + pack of 6 "Convention" posters + Sting pet + flute emote + Atanip Helmet, with a total value of 140.89€. The winners will be selected by a jury composed of organizer members and the results will be published in an announcement on the Dofus site on Nov 17, 2014. Rules filed with the SCP ROY-LEMOINE-GALY (41 bd de Valmy 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq) and accessible in their entirety at: »


Are you ready? Then there's just a last little thing to do before you go: read the complete rules here (in french)!