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So the beta has been so full that you haven’t had a chance to try the skills of the new Eliotrope class yourself? Well, if you can’t come to the Eliotropes, they will come to you! Watch the new gameplay video to quickly get up to speed on the class’ abilities and learn a little bit about portal play!

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So, did you like that?

By now you should be well informed that you’ll need to master the tactics of portals to get the best out of the Eliotrope class!

Pay close attention to make sure your powers aren’t turned against you. As your old Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility! One miscalculation can cause a sudden reversal of fortune that your enemies can exploit!

We hope this video gives you even more motivation to keep trying to squeeze into a free slot on the Beta server and try the class out for yourself, but if you’re feeling agoraphobic you can wait until December 9 for the full release of the Eliotropes on all servers!