The whole Ankama team would like to wish you a great 2015! We hope that 2014 which just ended was up to your expectations and that this new year will reach even higher that the Mount Zinit itself!
Aaah you have surely experienced many things during those twelve months... Between the Divine Dimensions, the arrival of the Eliotropes, the 10 years of DOFUS, the launch of WAKFU on Netflix and on Steam, the Ankama convention, you can say that you've have seen a lot!

But rest assured, this is not all! Never change a winning team and 2015 will probably also have its share of great amazing adventures!

In any case this is what we wish for all of you, as well as a good health like an Eniripsa and great fortune like the Enutrof!

Kwismas has passed, of course, but it seems that you forgot a gift at the foot of your Kwismas tree. Yes, yes, over there, look again... Lift some branches and unwrap the trailer of an exclusive project from our Ankama Animations team: Welsh and Shedar!

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No, it is not a new restaurant, or even a kitchen web series, but an original adventure that took place in the great Krosmoz history.

Welsh and Shedar was an animated series project, telling us the story of Welsh, a young boy forced to fight for a legacy that he did not know existed: the throne of the Kingdom of Bonta.

But you might say: "why do you say was?” (And you are right to ask the question). Well, it is because this project first launched in 2012 and has so far little chance of arriving on your screens... The "animation" department of Ankama has lots of ideas behind their graphic tablets: series, special episodes, movies, brains are always at work! However, not all projects have the chance to reach you.

Therefore we wanted to pay tribute to one of them and share with you our passion for animation and for the diversity of subjects and heroes that it allows us to create. Even if sometimes, some do not get to be completed or others may evolve and change. We hope this will make you happy to see that we are constantly working in order to present you with great stories!

Watch, enjoy and beware: this video may get you hungry…