It's more afraid of you than you are of it. That's something someone must have told you at least once... Of course, they lied! Fearful little bugs like that are all over the Arak-Hai Forest! But you should be more afraid of them than they are of you. They sting, they scratch, they claw, they bite, they poison... Welcome to the Web of Defeat, the 2.27 Update, available in-game today!


As we explained in this news, the newly re-designed Treechnid Forest houses the Lair of the Rac Queen (level 90). Newly re-designed? Yes, for in addition to this new dungeon, two older ones have  also received a graphical revamp: the Soft Oak Dungeon and the Ancestral Treechnid Dungeon. Not to mention never-before seen sets (including one you'll never see anyway, for it is... transparent)!

Add to this the Sadida revamp (with a new summons system), pour in a series of improvements to the smithmagic rune generation system, and sprinkle it all with a new system to search, locate, and destroy Perceptors: you'll end up with the recipe for the new DOFUS Time, which you can watch right here!


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Well, all of this is all well and good, chatting away, watching silly videos... But seriously, how did you fare when you first encountered the Rac Queen? Post your comments, your impressions, and your best screenshots!