In a few days, a contest will be taking place, giving you a chance to shine among the brightest stars (well, you'll have to win first, of course!). But this time, you won't be pitted alone against the rest of the world, you'll be pitted WITH YOUR GUILD against the rest of the world. You'll have to be creative, combative, inventive, and various other -tive words (maybe some -ive words as well for good measure) in order to win an appearance in the DOFUS feature-length movie!

Before you launch yourselves into battle, a two-weeks registration phase will give you ample time to gather your troops. You'll have react quickly and register as a group between Monday, April 20 and Monday, May 4. No registration means no contest, and no contest means no special appearance in the movie (makes sense, you'll admit).

And we're not just talking about a mere mention in the "Thanks" section of the credits, either! We're talking about little scenes created specially for you, in the opening credits, where your coat of arms and guild name will be clearly visible! And yes, you read that right, it's "sceneS", plural: 9 guilds will be placed under the spotlight. The whole world will know about you!

To decide between all the registered guilds, we're planning several activities that will test your group cohesion and organizational skills, like an achievement points race on a special ladder, or a challenge where you can let your creativity go wild, like a song contest...

Beware: only the leader or their second-in-command can register a guild, so it all depends on them!

And finally, if we can give you but one piece of advice: be prepared for the clash of the century!