Today is the big day: the PC beta for the 3D version of Krosmaster Arena is now open! A new game field, but the same reliable principle: lead your figurines to victory against opponents from all over the world!

While we're at it, let's talk about your figurines! You'll keep them from one version to the other, of course! Just like your kroz, the use of which is detailed in this other news.
The only thing that changes is... everything else!

- The maps, as well as the characters, the cards, even the spells: everything makes the transition to the third dimension, with spectacular animations!
- The kroz won by playing will now allow you to obtain every single figurine!
- These virtual figurines can be unlocked directly in-game.
- A new leagues and rewards system is put in place, still with the same underlying goal: smash their figurines in!

Ankama is proud to present this new version of Krosmaster Arena. A new dimension opens up for you: experience the game from every angle by taking part in the beta! 

Season 3 figurines are out now!

'Piwate Island' environment for season 3 figurines! Now available in France, Italy and the United States, and coming soon to Germany and Spain, it includes 4 families and a total of 16 new characters:

  • Piwates
  • Dreggons
  • Kanniballs
  • Minos

The virtual version will appear in your collection as soon as you use the unlock code. They will be playable as soon as they are added to the online version of Krosmaster Arena.