On the 17th of April 2015, a select few players have discovered the newest video game projects by Ankama. Let’s have a look back at the Ankama Line-Up 2015!

Paris, in the morning.
A lucky few players are here to meet the Ankama staff and have a first look at the newest video game creations from Ankama.
For the duration of the day, they could experience firsthand the new games at their disposal. Were shown during this event:

  • Abraca
  • Tactile Wars
  • Striker Arena
  • Kwaan
  • Dofus on tablet
  • Krosmaster Arena in 3D
  • And, of course, DOFUS and WAKFU!

While this kind of presentation was a first for us, it has been a fruitful experience for the players and for us. We have been more than happy to share this experience with you.

And here’s a couple more pictures for you…