We’ve been taking in the events of 2014 and looking to the coming months (and years), and here we are already in April! But that’s no reason to deprive you of a look at our main projects, aspirations, and priorities in 2015. Here it is just for you: a brief overview and a forecast of our new objectives!

The year 2014 was rich in emotions (we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, for those who spent more time killing Bworks than checking the DOFUS website), content (particularly the Divine Dimensions), and surprise developments (the Eliotrope class). But the most important thing is that DOFUS is doing better than ever!
And it's all because of you, so thanks a lot!
Still as proud of our game and motivated as ever, we have enough ideas for another 10 years at least. We can hardly imagine what DOFUS will look like after its second decade, considering how much it changed in its first!
If you haven’t already done so, check out this infographic of the last 10 years, which explains everything much better than a long paragraph could.
Now let’s take a look at some figures from 2014 that might interest you:

Pretty busy year, wasn’t it?
Did you manage to find a few of your own accomplishments? Good!
This little recap lets us move on to what’s waiting for you in 2015. In 2014, we invested in loads of content, but this year we’re moving in a distinctly different direction. We’ll have fewer updates (about two less per year), but each update will be bigger.

2015: The Year of Game Mechanics

For a general idea of what to expect, take a look at the DOFUS: Objectives in 2015 infographic. You can read the article below for more information.


We don’t want to give you a big report on the entire year, but rather an idea of our priorities over the next six months, and for the year overall (and maybe a bit beyond).
DOFUS’s rich content and complexity (try counting the number of zones, quests, monsters, bosses, activities, and seasonal events, and then count how many you have actually done... and completed!) have led us to believe that 2015 should focus more on game mechanics than its already plentiful content.
What does this mean?
It means that while we won’t completely stop adding content, we’re going to focus primarily on systems and other game mechanics in the coming months.

  1. The Next Six Months
You’ll note in the 2014 recap that updates were relatively close together, but that some could essentially be summarized by the addition of a new dungeon or creature. These are what we will call minor updates.
They are different than major updates, which bring more innovation, improvements, and content. Speaking of major updates, the next one will take place in June!
Keep calm and don’t invoke the goddess Sacrier! That doesn’t mean nothing will happen between now and June! A minor update with new content will be released on 21 April (Update 2.28). But you already know that...

The June update (2.29)

First of all, you can start drooling over a new game mode that we’re calling ‘the idols’ for now (the name isn’t set in stone; we’ll let you know if it changes).
This new mode will be an alternative way to gain experience in order to level up your character, and will encourage players to take risks. It’ll renew your gameplay and your understanding of dungeons (because yes, even old dungeons will get interesting again for players who’ve done them from every possible angle).
This time the Turquoise Dofus will get a new narrative quest, based on the model of the Crimson Dofus and Emerald Dofus quest revamps. It will reflect the third DOFUS novel in which you’re the hero, which has been available in France since April 17th.
  1. In Six Months, a Year, and Beyond!

Alright, so it’s a long wait! At this stage we don’t want to commit to specific dates, because we don’t want to disappoint you if a project takes longer than expected. The below is a list of new stuff you might see or even 2016. The only thing that’s certain is we’re working on it right now!

Development of interfaces and tutorials

A crucial issue is improving the overall game experience. To do that, we’ll be reviewing our interface and adding tutorials. As always, we want to welcome new players in order to continue developing this game which is so near and dear to our hearts! We want to ensure that DOFUS lasts and make a memorable MMO that will go down in the books as a constantly evolving gaming experience! But to do that, we need a bit of new blood.

Class revamps and balancing

Class revamps are and always will be extremely important in DOFUS. Already this year, we’ve added more depth to the Sadida class’s gamplay. We know there are some classes that deserve a review, especially Osamodas and Eniripsa. However, since these revamps will require significant modifications, we want to give ourselves time to find interesting game mechanics. That’s why we’re not announcing any specific dates for now. Smaller modifications to other classes will probably occur first.

The Inter-Server Kolossium

This big project is particularly important to us. Even though we don’t really have any new information to share with you at the moment, we want to let you know that we’re working hard and making progress. We’ve strengthened the team that’s working on this system, and they’re doing everything they can so that when the time comes, we’ll be able to give you a killer feature!

The hunt for bots

We’ve tried our best to keep you up to date on this topic throughout 2014, in order to include you in this tricky fight and show you that despite our best efforts, the battle continues. But just because sometimes we don’t have any news doesn’t mean nothing is happening! As we confirmed under cover of humour in Ankama Office, a great team is actively dedicated to this delicate problem. They’ll continue their efforts throughout 2015!

DOFUS for your tablet

With hundreds of zones in a variety of environments, thousands of monsters to fight, farming, and a PvP mode, DOFUS for tablets* will be one of the most content-rich games available for tablets! It will be intended primarily for new players, but for long-time fans and other experts, it could be a great way to rediscover DOFUS on a new medium and create a new character from scratch. Simply put, it’s a way to take DOFUS with you and play anywhere!
In the tablet version of the game, interfaces and features will be adapted to provide the best feel possible. You’ll rediscover the joy of playing DOFUS, but with all the benefits and comfort of a tablet.
We’ll offer you a game almost as content-rich as the version on your computer! The tablet version of DOFUS will start at Update 2.14 (which most notably contained the revamp of the Wabbit Islands and the Cawwot Dofus). The game will be updated regularly and will gradually integrate the content and features from Update 2.15 and on.
We would like to be clear for long-time players: it is not currently possible to synchronise the tablet version with the online version of the game. Right now, synchronisation is extremely complicated for technical reasons, but we are not ruling out the possibility of synchronising the two versions of the game in the future.
New version, new servers! You’ll have a chance to restart DOFUS from the beginning on your tablet and relive the rush of the new server! We’ll see beginner players as well as curious experienced players at the end of the year!
* The final name of the game has not yet been chosen.
Well, we hope you enjoyed this first look at upcoming events for DOFUS in 2015 and that you got some interesting information, even though we can’t give you all the details yet. For us, the most important thing was to share with you our vision and our goals for the coming months.
You’ll get another news update like this one in the second half of the year to tell you more about ongoing projects. In the meantime, we want to hear your feedback and comments! We’ll answer as best as we can.

Beyond the MMO...

Before we sign off, we want to go beyond the game and strengthen our relationship with you, our community, by meeting you during signings and inviting you to our premises whenever possible. Like during events for the film!
You’re probably aware that the film DOFUS – Book I: Julith is in production right now. To say a few words on the subject, we were allowed internally to see a private showing of the first act. Honestly, we were all speechless. The graphics are incredible! If you like our universe, our corny jokes, and our wordplay, you’ll be satisfied! Pure DOFUS, but in a new light. We hope to see you there! That said, we’ll have lots of time to talk about it again, since the film won’t be released until 2016*.
INT Note
*For now, the film is scheduled for release in France only on 3 February 2016.