So we promised, so we deliver! Thanks to your contributions, the DOFUS Zaap N°1 is now live! From now on, you set an alarm for every third Saturday of the month, to watch the latest installment of this zapping montage of videos from all over the world!

Right this instant, somewhere on earth, DOFUS players are most likely directing videos. But not everyone will see them... And that is why the DOFUS Zaap was set up! To offer you a panoramic view of funny, weird, and moving scenes from the community!

Thought over based on your feedback and suggestions regarding the pilot episode, this zapping is your new appointment, every third Saturday of every month! Please watch the first episode, and don't hesitate to comment on it.

Most importantly, don't forget to send us your own videos, by meticulously respecting the procedure as it is described in this forum post!