Zaaps allow you to travel the World of Twelve in record time. The DOFUS Zaap! video allows you to travel through the community of DOFUS players on Youtube, so you don't miss the best of what's out there. Our mission: find great videos and share them with you!

So it's time for the latest issue of the DOFUS Zaap! This episode is a bit of a menagerie! You'll see a boar ruin a zombie, an Eca and a kitten, a wild kamehameha, an Eliatrope guide, the defeat of the Queen of Thieves, and a touching tribute! Action, laughter, and emotion, all waiting for you.

And you out there, video-makers! Don't be shy! we want you to send us your videos for the next episode, and the episode after that, and the episode after that! It's simple to do, just follow the instructions found on the forum.

Thanks, and please let us know how you like this series in the comments!