The selection phases having ended as soon as last night, we now know the list of contestants for each server for the Goultarminator - 2015 Edition! Spectators: be ready to cheer on your representatives! Challengers: it is now time for team spirit and cohesion: you now need to compose your teams!

» Check the list of participants for each server! «

Team composition

For each server, a "Captain" is named; he's the player who has gained the most points during the Test of Popularity. He is tasked with offering the composition of the 4 teams that will represent his server.

The remaining 31 selected players have the possibility to validate or negate the Captain's proposition: if the proposition is negated by more than 50% of the team's members, it is automatically suppressed and the Captain must offer a new proposition. Otherwise, if more than 50% of the team validates the proposition, it is then automatically accepted.

The team composition phase is open until Sunday, July 19, at 23:59 (Paris Time). Past this date, the teams will be composed at random.
  • If a Captain is absent and/or can't draw up a team composition on time, please be sure to tell us via a comment in this news.

Take your time to really think things through; it is up to you to make sure your team composition will reflect on your perfect cohesion!

A little reminder:

The character data save used to import characters on the tournament's server will be done during the weekly maintenance on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015. All contestants must have, in their inventory, all the equipments they may need during the tournament. Their equipped Dragoturkey will be carried over as well, but not their mount certificates. Better be ready!