Did you like the first one? Did you love the second one? Then, be ready to simply adore the DOFUS Zaap! #3: it's online! Once more, we've found the best of the best of player videos. The selection was tough, but we had to do it! Discover, right now, this new "zaaping", DOFUS style!

So, what do we have in store for you with this new installment of DOFUS Zaap? An instant of pure relaxing bliss, surrounded by the soft sound of water and the cry of seagulls, thanks to a fishing tutorial; a flashmob of creatures, each cuter than the other; a nostalgic sequence, summarizing the evolution of your favorite MMO in five bullet points; a Sram who's obviously in a hurry; and to finish it off, a cool breeze brought by the Frigost bosses, iced one after the other! 

By the way... Where are you at? What's that? You still haven't sent your own videos?? Well, you'll have to bite the bullet sooner or later! Go to the forums, follow the procedure explained there, and who knows? Maybe you'll have a place to shine in the next DOFUS Zaap

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