Your Nomoon is out of control, your Friendrake all fired up, your Moowitty is wittier than ever and your Quaquack keeps quaquacking. What’s up with them all today?! A glance at Magus Ax’s Almanax tells you everything you need to know. Today it’s the S.P.C.A. pet party!

Ladies and gentlemen of the World of Twelve,

Today claws, fur and slobbery licks are the order of the day. Wait a minute! Calm down! We don’t mean yours, this is all about your beloved pets of course!

Founded by the god Osamodas in person, the S.P.C.A. puts BowWows, Bow Meows, Piwis and the other pets who throng the World of Twelve into the spotlight!

Because all too often we tend to forget the help they give us in everyday life, the Pets Protection League is taking advantage of this event in order to organise a grand party that is dedicated entirely to pets.
A dressage demonstration from reluctant Bow Wows, a Dragokart race, training in collecting Tiwabbit droppings, an introduction to the grooming of Kanigloopys and Peki Pekis, a miaowing contest for the little ones and many more fun activities will liven up the streets of the World of Twelve as the S.P.C.A party takes place!

Those of you with a sweet tooth will enjoy feasting on the famous Feanor’s chocolate pads and Bilby’s strawberry fondants. We’re also inviting you to try out the brand new range of kibbles, filled with love and with a crunchy affection-covered exterior, which have been baked specially for us by our 3 star gourmet chef in person.

As co-founder of the event, Rigid Barjo will be presiding over the "How to stroke your Sting without losing a finger?” stand.

Whatever happens, you should make the most of this 23 Jullier event, which falls under the sign of the animal!
For example, maybe it's time to adopt a new cuddly critter! As it happens, El Scarador and Croum are for sale along with their Hippi-Ho in two packs for the price of 3,800 Ogrines each! What are you waiting for? Give them the loving home they deserve...