Stontusk Desert, Xelorium, Srambad, Enurado … These iconic zones are part of the massive quest that’s coming up in Version 2.30! You’re going to have to make your way through a whole host of obstacles and meet a whole load of people if you’re going to claim the oh-so-sought-after award: the Turquoise Dofus!

Whether you’re staying in an inn or a palace, whether you’re a pirate or a tourist, your perceptiveness and perseverance are going to be put to the test big time! There’ll certainly be no shortage of enemies… and some of them have the fiercest of tempers! The power of the idols is not to be sniffed at...
But you’ll also meet some strong allies along your way: Joris and Aguabrial are just two among many… Aim to be just as worthy as them and become the hero the World of Twelve has been waiting for!
So you’ve been dreaming about the Turquoise Dofus, haven’t you? Get ready to begin the adventure in-game soon and don’t forget your two most important weapons: patience and valour!