Some of you heard about it last year. Back then, the project was just an idea... An eggcellent idea, we dare say! A lot has happened since that idea was presented at a few small conventions in France! It’s ready to hatch and already has a name: DOFUS Touch.

After months of development, the whole team is proud to present the first version of its slightly crazy project, which will be released very soon in France (to start): adapting nearly 10 years of content to tablets while also offering one of the most content-rich MMOs on the market, no less!
You’ve figured out by now that DOFUS Touch came from the desire to adapt the DOFUS MMORPG for tablets. But DOFUS Touch is not DOFUS, and there are three main reasons why not:

  • First of all, it was designed specifically for tablets, so you can command your characters with only a touch!
  • Second, if you already play DOFUS, you won’t find the character from your PC version on your tablet. It is extremely difficult to synchronise the two versions, especially since the PC version is constantly evolving. The developers could work day and night to catch up to the PC version, but they’d never get there.
  • That’s why although it's one of the most content-rich MMORPGs available for tablets, DOFUS Touch won’t be released with as much content as the PC version, but rather with the equivalent of the 2.14 update.
  • Finally, DOFUS Touch won’t offer a subscription plan. Instead, it will have an economic model more in line with other tablet games.

Though DOFUS Touch wants to attract new players, the tablet version of the MMORPG has the features to appeal to those who already love the PC version and are curious about this new way to play their game. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to create a new character from the beginning? A new start on a new server, with other players? Makes you want to play DOFUS on your tablet, right?
DOFUS Touch will stick to tradition: it’ll begin with a closed beta in France very soon.
To recap, DOFUS Touch is a 2.14 version of DOFUS that’s not synchonised with the PC version. It’ll have a different economic model (no subscription plan) and you’ll be able to play anywhere, at any time. It’s a great opportunity to start from scratch with a new character on a new server and meet new players.

While you’re waiting, check out the first video of DOFUS Touch!


And you can follow the progress of the game on the official Dofus Touch site: