It’s “the” Mystery Box of champions! The Gobbowl Mystery Box gives you a chance at winning a team set, and if you’re lucky, maybe even... 5 sets at once! Go, go, go! Everyone get to the changing rooms! You have up until the 31st of October!

You dream of Kriss Krass... Khan Karkass is already an idol of yours... So this Gobbowl Mystery Box must have been made for you! At the very least you’ll get a superstar’s outfit out of it, and perhaps even all five*! The goodies contained within are:

Common items

  • Greenengol Set
  • Bigoks Set
  • Redroz Set
  • Pamus Set
  • Zalblacks Set

Rare item

  • Jackpot of all 5 sets + Tatouh pet
The Shop is where it’s all at. This Gobbowl Mystery Box can be yours for just 1,200 Ogrines, from Friday the 16th to Saturday the 31st of October, 23:59 (Paris time)!
You can open your Mystery box here!

*If this is the case, check out what happens to you when you go to Gobbowl matches...