It's always late at night in Al Howin's Vegetable Patch... The fence creaks, the Arachkin webs get caught in your hair. You walk on, using the light from the Worm-O'-Lanterns and there it is, finally, the first Dehorror. Luckily, getting out six feet under doesn't scare you away... October 27 until November 10, DOFUS celebrates Al Howin!

Didn't you miss the old Pumpkwins harvester? His reddish glow, his perverted eye, his rotten teeth, this "handsome" prince of the heartland will strike once again and... we're sorry to say that you'll take the heat. Of course, there's no reason why you shouldn't hit back!

Reaching dear old Al Howin is gonna be tough as ever because, friendless as he is, he's not helpless: Worm-O'-Lanterns, Borbkins and Toadkins are his ever-loyal subjects. By the way, it should be obvious, but in this garden, death is in season. Only the bravest of all will dare enter...

Al Howin is alive in DOFUS, from October 27 to November 10.
And don’t forget the special Al Howin pack available in the Emporium and the Al Howin Costume Contest!