From November 6th to November 9th, you can find a squishy new pal in the Great Emporium!

From Friday the 6th to Monday the 9th of November, under the influence of Tilapiatsu the Meridia of shipwrecks, find a pet Plop in your shop for the price of 2,500 Ogrines. He’ll certainly stick to you like glue, but you’ll soon get attached to your Plop. Hurry up before he swims back out to sea! 

A funny little creature has just washed up on the shores of the World of Twelve: the Plop Fall for his cute little tentacles and his little ocean coloured noggin which will both bring a little freshness to your day! And fear not, contrary to popular belief, he won’t turn into a Giant Kralove! On the other hand, the love he has for you will genuinely be on a massive scale... 

He'll stick to you like glue from the 6th to the 9th of November!