Ever since Maysial, a new king has been reigning over the White City. This new sovereign is Beldarion of Bonta. Emerging from obscurity several days ago, he’s constantly escorted by a mysterious magician, Jed Reivrepel. It is now finally time for you to hear more about these two inseparable companions!


Ladies and gentlemen of Bonta,

Not long ago, the Protectors of the White City decided to put their trust in me. It is a great honour and a dream that has finally come true for me to be able to reign over a place that has long been in my heart: Bonta. I will be sure not to disappoint you. I will be a king who listens to his fellow citizens, but also a king who protects you from enemy threats. Is it worth mentioning this threat by name? I don’t think so...

Since the very beginning, the White City has shown itself capable of standing up to invaders and those who wish to do it harm. Today, I feel I can say that it is stronger than ever. My role here is to make it EVEN stronger and to make it the pride of the entire World of Twelve. How will I do this, you ask? By uniting all of the Bontarian people. My dearest wish to this day has been to make all the plotting and corruption in this wonderful city a thing of the past.

Around six hundred years ago, this beautiful planet had to endure the vagaries of Bolgrot the dragon’s reign. After having gathered together the six Primordial Dofus, his folly and reckless passion for the beautiful Helsephine cost him his life. Ever since that day, the protection of these dragon eggs has become an obvious necessity to the wisest amongst us. And this has been uppermost in the minds of some amongst them, the Huppermages.

Jed Reivrepel here is one of them. He will be there to support me in the heavy responsibility of re-establishing order within this city, which has been somewhat lacking of late. In addition, the Huppermages will ensure Bonta’s stability by taking a stand in the conflict that pits the city against our main rival, Brakmar the Dark. At least, this is the primary concern of those who have joined our ranks, and Jed Reivrepel is one of them. Long overlooked, or even persecuted, following the fall of my predecessor, today THEY RETURN TO US!

I invite you all to welcome Jed to the fold, who no doubt knows better than I what to say about himself and his brethren.

I pray that, together, we will build wondrous things.

Long live Bonta! And long live the Bontarians!