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Descendre 636: a winter wonderland emerges from beneath the waves off Amakna! As mysteriously at it appears, it submerges again after several weeks... only to rise from the depths again next Descendre. Adventurers, the hour draws nigh! Kwismas Island will be open from Descendre 8 to Javian 5!


A fresh discovery for new players, and a familiar sight for the regulars! These regulars love meeting up with their friends from the game on Kwismas Island, where you’ll find the Abominable Snow Yiti, the Wintry Kaniger and the Kwismas Dragoturkey...And let’s not forgot the Kwismas Minotoball that players of level 170+ attempt to bludgeon into submission every year to earn the coveted title of “Kwismas Nutcracker” as well as the highly prized Wicked Protector shield! In short, all these fine folks are waiting impatiently for some new blood to show up...though they may spill a drop or too! 

And speaking of new blood... Some of the young adventurers don’t know what’s waiting for them...They’ll soon find out by spotting the snow on the Amakna map and by following Hector Kwismas, the special tour guide from Charlie's Agents!


Kwismas Island for the win!

Travelling with Charlie's Agents is a guarantee of visiting the most unique beauty spots in the world, before being given a warm welcome by the inhabitants and rubbing shoulders with the locals, and, if you know what you’re doing, getting all sorts of resources from them... 

Don’t miss the three dungeons specific to this area: the dungeons of Itzting (level 1 to 70), of Father Kwismas (71 to 130) and of Father Whupper (131 to 200)! Their hosts are sometimes a bit frosty, but can show themselves generous, because if you survive their hospitality, your visit may be rewarded with scrolls or pets!

You’re welcome to bring along some friends, in fact, together you might be able to solve the mysterious puzzle of the slab room...

Make the most out of your festive visit by completing a repeatable daily quest to win Rare Gifts, and swapping your ideas, but more importantly, your items with the rather merry Thwee Kings

Between cold sweats and hot flushes, there’s no knowing what state you’ll be in by the time you come back from Kwismas Island. The good news though is that you’ll come back with a present: the Father Kwismas Hat and the Father Kwismas Cape.

Young adventurers of the World of Twelve, Kwismas Island opens this Tuesday, December 8. Don’t miss out on a date with fate on Kwismas Island, there’s surely somebody counting on you!