The new subscription packs have landed, and they’ll be here to stay for the next few months! Starting today, step into a brand new chapter of the history of the Krosmoz!

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Allister, flanked by his royal guards and Huppermages awaits you in these December subscription packs. Not in person obviously; all these folks are very busy just now preparing for their film debute. But they’ve made sure that you’ll be thinking of them on your adventures!

How, you ask? Find out for yourself in these packs.
  • 7 Day Pack: Royal Guard-themed Mystery Box, which gives you a random item from the Royal Guard set.
  • 1 Month Pack: Royal Guard set.
  • 3 Month Pack: Allister Haven Bag + 1 Month Pack gift.
  • 6 Month Pack: Huppermage class emote + 3 Month Pack gift.
  • 1 Year Pack: Minikrone pet + 2 Huppermage class emotes + 3 Month Pack gift.  
  • Special Pack: 3 months subscription, 13,000 Ogrines, and the 3 gifts from the 6 Month Pack (Royal Guard set, Allister Haven Bag, Huppermage class emote). Cost: €33.
  • Master Pack: 47,000 Ogrines + 1 Year Pack gift.

You can find these packs: