Remember that alt you made long ago but then abandoned? That alt had great potential; they might even have become one of the best adventurers the World of Twelve has to offer. But! They've been overshadowed by your main for ages, or they're stuck on an old account that's been gathering dust. Well, now you can fix that! All thanks to our new "transfer a character to another account" service, available now!


Whether you need to split a character off from your main account, or consolidate your power on a single account, this new service has got you covered.

So, what do you need to know?

When you transfer a character from one account to another, that character will make the swap with the following:

  • All items and equipment stored in the character's inventory (including the character's merchant mode), as well as any linked items or equipped items within that character's inventory
  • All of that character's unlocked Achievements and Kolossium rankings
  • All kamas stored on the character
  • All mounts associated with the character
  • The character's Guild and/or Alliance (including leadership, if the character is leader of its Guild and/or Alliance)
Here's what will stay on the character's original account:
  • Items and Kamas stored within a bank or chest
  • Any Haven Bag themes
  • Any items up for sale in a Market
  • The account's house
  • Gift items that have not yet been claimed
  • Friends and enemies list

We have anticipated that some unsavory types may try to use this service to steal or scam characters. To avoid this outcome, we have set up some rules for the service.

Character transfer rules:
  • When transferring a character to a pre-existing account, the two accounts must be at least four months old and the surname attached to these accounts must be the same.
  • You must be able to authenticate both accounts (with the Ankama Authenticator or the Ankama Shield).
  • Both accounts must be certified.
  • Both accounts must be from the same community and server (character transfer between Jiva and Rushu is not possible, for example.)
  • If you do not have enough character slots available at the time of the transfer, it will be necessary to purchase an additional slot on the target account before the account transfer can be completed.

If you would prefer to transfer a character to a brand new account, it is possible, but the new account will be created automatically at the time that you activate the service, and the personal information on the original account will be duplicated on the new account and automatically certified.

In order to be transferred, a character must be at least level 20 or have 20 levels in at least one profession.


Considering the implications of this service, we have set the price at a point that is high, but still accessible.

The price for this service is 15,000 Ogrines. At launch of this service, it will only be possible to purchase it with Ogrines.
Payment for this service takes into account of Ogrines accumulated on both accounts (the original account and the destination account), if necessary. For example, if you have 10,000 Ogrines in Account A and 5,000 Ogrines in Account B, you can use the service with these two accounts.
To conclude, if you have any questions about the service, please feel free to ask and we’ll try to answer all of your queries!

Edit: As of Tuesday, December 15, 2015, this service is available for all!