The teams that bring you all the Krosmoz’s different productions spill the beans on their thoughts and intentions for 2016: DOFUS, the DOFUS Movie, DOFUS Pogo, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, WAKFU Season 3, KROSMASTER and KROSMAGA: all is laid bare!

EDITORIAL: The theme for 2016: Dungeons and Challenges

Hello all,
Here, as promised, is the second letter to the community. Our objective remains the same as before: to communicate with you with as much transparency as possible. The idea is to gradually, ever so gently, provide you with an open invitation into our (twisted) minds to get all the news and info you’ve ever dreamed of. We have taken into account your comments on our lack of communication, and we’re trying to turn this trend on its head.
Speaking of which, even though writing letters “in black and white” like this is currently the most suitable means of getting in touch, we are brainstorming about other (more visual, interactive) ways to keep you informed.
In store this January, you’ll discover the newest batch of ideas the GDs of the DOFUS and WAKFU MMOs are cooking up for you, news about the movie and how it came to life, a recap on how DOFUS Touch, KROSMAGA and KROSMASTER are getting on, a few hitherto unreleased shots from WAKFU Season 3, and a tasty little comic strip to tuck into for dessert.
But before I drag you head-first into this maelstrom of news, I’d like to make use of this editorial to explain how we work here at Ankama.  Coincidentally, it fits in quite nicely with the editorial’s title. Our “theme” for 2016 is “Dungeons and Challenges!” And before I lay out the theme in more detail, I’m going to tell you about our working methods.
In developing the KROSMOZ, we created an enduring universe that never stops changing... and has a habit of slipping through our fingers. On the one hand, there’s the content we create, and on the other, there’s your experience – your perception of this epic, comic world. But the Krosmoz’s TRANSMEDIA force is also its weak point. We never tell you the same story twice, but in a context like this – and with so many of us working on the universe – it’s difficult to keep everything under control. One of the most powerful tools we have for unifying our vision is therefore our “theme”.
Whether the production in question is a comic book, a game, a film or a series, there’s always a theme driving the whole shebang. It’s a central access point that allows our artists to ensure they’re all following the same common thread. In an open universe like the Krosmoz, the theme helps us channel our energy and focus everybody on a shared goal: the production staff, our communications team, writers... Each person makes the theme their own and contributes their own ideas.
Now let’s cut to the chase.
By discussing things with you, we realised that your gameplay needs were undergoing a big shift, tending towards PvP and community-based challenges. As a result, we defined the theme according to what we thought you would like. It’s official: 2016 will be the year of dungeons and challenges.
For several months now, we have been working on DOFUS and WAKFU with this theme in mind. Much of what you will read below, in the words of various team members, will be based on this focus.
Now, even if the in-game content on the way has you champing at the bit, please be aware that our goal isn’t only to bring you this kind of content. This year, we also want to develop our meet-ups with you, still on the same annual theme. We want to keep on bringing the Krosmoz to you IRL, with more tournaments and other challenges than ever.
On this note, we are open to any ideas you might have, and that’s what the forums are there for: to keep in contact and tell us what you want to see.
To wrap things up here, I’d like to extend my thanks to the whole community, especially to everyone who came to express their support at our most recent events, both in the Ankama Village and at the movie’s premieres.  The past three months have been very moving for me, and it’s all thanks to you. I’m going to allow myself an emotional little aside to let you know how I’m feeling right now (besides, a little mushiness never killed anyone...).
These past few years, I have mostly kept to myself. My work comes from the heart and the gut, and I was worn down by the criticism and attacks posted on the forums. I needed to take a step back and get things in perspective. I calmed my mind by immersing myself in writing and directing... I realise now that in doing so, I lost contact with you... And I regret that.
Because honestly, the last few real-life events have made me feel younger... I don’t know how to explain it... I’ve been hit by a wave of nostalgia. Most of the people I spoke to were between 20 and 25 years old... And almost all of you told me that you’d been playing for ten years or so – that you’d grown up with DOFUS. Obviously, when I say that meeting you made me feel younger, I mean in my mind (just wanted to make that clear), because at the same time it has reminded me that I’m not far off forty. But what really raised my spirits was seeing what an impact an online game can have on so many people.
I often hear other people badmouthing our player communities. But man, when I meet you for real, I feel like telling them where they can stick it. 99% of the time, I meet wonderful, generous people. Need some recent examples?
The winners of the 1001 Claws tournament, who sent their fantastic trophy to their buddy in Canada. The 4-year-old boy who came to give a staff member a hug and explain that his parents had met on DOFUS. The cards announcing the birth of little Amalia (whose parents loved the WAKFU series) and little Chloé, whose parents are always up for travelling many miles to take part in our events, our own Edroc, who only participates in the quiz once, to let the others win too, our ambassadors, who are there to help us out and create an exciting atmosphere (ahem, Feudalien!), the CDO guys who kept their cool in Lomme and did great, even though their stream underwent unholy chaos... Krosmaster... I’ve never seen a games tournament where adversaries give one another advice mid-fight... And don’t even get me started on all the (edible and non-edible) presents we’re given! This adventure has brought us together with so many wonderful people!
Every one of these magical moments serves as a reminder that we have created something far bigger than us. This universe is OURS! And when I say “ours”, I mean it belongs both to the people who create it and to all of you, who have been following it for all these years. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you’ve done. Even the trolls who rage on the forums! At the end of the day, they always leave behind stories that make us smirk a little.
In any case, these realisations have made me want to take the adventure even further together. And it has made it clear in my mind that we should never neglect our contact with you.
Without further ado, I’d like to wish you happy reading... and see you soon!
  • DOFUS MMO             (Online game)
  • DOFUS Touch           (Mobile game)
  • The DOFUS Movie    (Animation)
  • WAKFU Season 3     (Animation)
  • WAKFU MMO            (Online game)
  • Krosmaster               (Online and board game)
  • Krosmaga                  (Online game)


What’s in store for the updates to come
Ecaflipus: A few words from Briss, Pilou and Lorko
The Bow Meow’s out of the bag: the main new content in version 2.33 will be Ecaflipus, a Divine Dimension we’ve been working on for the past few months. It will contain various references to the DOFUS Movie as well as all the treats you usually find in a Divine Dimension (dungeons, quests, achievements, equipment, etc.).
The dungeons aim to give you a new and original in-game experience, calling (as ever) upon your brainpower...
What’s more, just like in the other dimensions, the new equipment introduced should allow you substantial new options, without being so powerful as to render your previous gear obsolete.
Naturally, quest hunters will have their hands full too: Ecaflipus is a whole new world to discover, and the seedy stories at the heart of a dimension run by the Big Tease himself are bound to be full of surprises.
We have tried to set the bar very high for this new area in terms of graphics and gameplay, and we hope you enjoy discovering these brand new elements as much as we enjoyed dreaming them up and bringing them to life!
Revision of certain Duo achievements: a word from Briss and Pilou
Parallel to the arrival of Ecaflipus, we decided to modify the “Duo” achievement of each dimension’s final dungeon boss. These achievements previously required you to complete the dungeon with only two characters. To make them more accessible to all the classes, we have decided to convert them to “Trio” achievements. In other words, they will now be validated so long as you manage to finish the dungeon with three characters. This change only affects the following dungeons: King Nidas’s Palace, Throne Room of the Dark Court, and the Eye of Vortex.
Class balancing, by Briss and Pilou
Our goal is to offer you a class revamp in the first half of the year (ideally in time for 2.34, which will arrive in April), and our focus is still on the same three classes: Eniripsa, Sacrier and Osamodas. Our main challenge is redesigning the class mechanics to find a solution we like and think is interesting enough to revitalise at least one of these classes (whilst complicating its spells as little as possible). This stumbling block is the reason the revamp has been a long time coming. We’ve already explored a number of interesting avenues, but most of the time they ended up making the classes in question far more complex than they are at the moment – without necessarily making them that much more interesting to play. Moreover, some features demanded our full attention in 2015 and early 2016, which didn’t leave us much manoeuvring space for in-depth balancing, which always requires a great deal of time.
Naturally, we are also still seeking out specific, less time-consuming balancing tweaks for every update, just as we always have done in the past.
InterServer Kolossium, by Simsoft
We have continued making progress on the ISK, and a new version is set to be launched on the beta server following the 2.33 update. The biggest developments are now complete and we are concentrating on optimisation and fixing the problems we have identified. We made the most of these sessions to implement a new algorithm for managing ratings: the Glicko system ( Before we can set up the ISK on the regular servers, we will also need to carry out a lot of tests, especially concerning the connection of several ISK servers at once (several special servers can host ISK fights at the same time in order to handle very large numbers of fights simultaneously).
The ISK is one of our top priorities, but we still have several months’ worth of work and testing to do before you can lay into your buddies from other servers.
Community challenges, by Lichen
For update 2.34 (in April), we are planning a major new feature that we’re calling “Community Challenges” for the time being.
Our intention is to provide you with an in-game tool that will allow you to create challenges for your friends, your guild or everyone else on your server.
Initially, these challenges will mainly be linked to monsters (both bosses and average Joe monsters). For example, you will be able to choose a monster and create a set of circumstances under which it needs to be defeated (chosen from a list of variable criteria), then open the challenge to other players.
Naturally, whoever creates the challenge must complete it themselves before they can share it. You can’t set up impossible challenges to diddle your worst enemies!
The person who creates the challenge will also be able to set up a starting kitty, charge a fee to entrants who take part in the challenge, and reward those who succeed.
The kitty will fill up as players fail miserably (thanks to their incoming entrance fees) and empty when they win (as the rewards are distributed).
The proverb “Where there are winners, there must be losers too” was already in vogue with the DOFUS game designers last year, and 2016 will see more of the same thinking. But this time round, you can blame the players who made the challenges!
Here are a couple of examples of potential challenges you might create:
  • Defeat the Royal Gobball in less than 7 turns, with all characters under level 20, and without losing any allies.
  • Defeat Korriander with an Idol score of 666 and more than 6 characters.

This feature is still at the design stage, so it might change significantly in the months to come, but we still wanted to share our (cruel) intentions with you.

Elemental Dofus Quest, by Halden

Scheduled for the June update, this quest will conclude the reunification of the four first Elemental Dofus (Emerald, Crimson, Turquoise and Ochre) and will act as an introduction to the next chapter of the legendary quest for the Six Dofus.

It will not lead to a new Dofus, but it will give you the chance to demonstrate very clearly to your fellow players that you have managed to collect the four first Elemental Dofus all by yourself...

Yep: in 2016, say goodbye to being mistaken for one of those rich, lazy “adventurers” who buy their Dofus at auction by the Astrub Zaap, preferring to let money talk rather than get their boots muddy on a real adventure.

Don’t be a Ouassingue among Mopy Kings...

Alignment Quests, by Korri

In 2016, we will continue to work on the alignment quests, just as we did in 2015. This is an ongoing project which is not directly linked to any one update.

It takes time to produce new quests, since they tend to involve the addition of new challenges, rewards and content too.

Accessibility, by François

DOFUS recently celebrated its 11th birthday, and we’re as proud as punch! But we’re not planning to stop any time soon!

One of our many objectives for 2016 is about the game’s accessibility. The mission we have set ourselves is to keep on working to improve the guidance provided to newcomers to the World of Twelve. We started this task in 2015 with Incarnam and various improvements to the game’s user-friendliness.

We don’t need to explain that DOFUS is a game that’s jam-packed with content, meaning that it features various interfaces and a level of complexity that new players may find discouraging. We are therefore going to focus on the interfaces in order to make them (and keep on making them) clearer and more intuitive, both for beginners and for experienced players like you!

We will be carrying out various tests and observations to figure out which are the best solutions, but please feel free to give us your own feedback via the forums: your views are always welcome!

Obviously, this will not be at the expense of the gaming experience we seek to provide for high-level players or the creation of new content, both of which are challenges we’ll be taking on in 2016.

Happy 2016, we hope you have a year filled with [insert whatever you want the most here]! (P.S. How do you like the new character creation interface?)




DOFUS Touch has been in closed beta in France since October 2015. Recently, the team has been paying particular attention to the interfaces, with the aim of optimising the comfort of playing on a tablet, and to bug-zapping. A few problems were identified on Android and have now been fixed.
More and more players are trying the game out in beta. Never fear: we’ll let you know if it becomes possible to invite international players to join the game too.

The DOFUS Movie 

A word from Poupik and Alvi
The movie’s release in France
After five years of writing and 18 months of production, DOFUS – Book I: Julith will be released in France on February 3rd. We are proud to present our very own UFO (unidentified filmic object) to the general public for the first time, and we hope it will be successful enough for us to release it internationally so all of you can finally see it! Fingers crossed!
Naturally, we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we know more about potential cinema releases beyond the French border.
Counter: the movie’s success is your success too!
We’ve set up a counter whose reward thresholds are measured up against the number of people who go to see the film (including premieres). There’s a gift hidden behind each level, so the more people see the movie on the silver screen, the more rewards you’ll earn! The counter will be updated several times a week starting from February 3rd, unlocking gifts for any player who has subscribed to the DOFUS game at least once in their life. To find out more about the rewards, read this article.

The counter, which can be viewed here, takes into account sales from February 3rd onwards AND entries to the premieres and the #DOFUSDAYS!
And since that’s the way transmedia rolls... 
We’ve been preparing a ton of little surprises in connection with the film.
As well as the up-and-coming updates for the DOFUS and WAKFU games, we’re bringing you DOFUS Pogo, a totally free mobile game!
Here’s the pitch: The Ebony Dofus... That ever so sought-after item that grants its bearer unthinkable power! Whoever gets their hands on it will rule the World of Twelve! That’s why a team of valiant Tofus have hidden it and are defending it with beak and claw from the hordes of ugly monsters desperate to steal it! How long can the courageous birdies hold out? Whatever happens, you can count on them to give their enemies all they’ve got to protect the precious Dofus!


In DOFUS Pogo, your speed and reflexes will really be put to the test! Face a barrage of monsters of all shapes and sizes, who are willing to do anything to get their paws on the Ebony Dofus. Hold out for as long as you can, and try to improve your score with each new game!
(DOFUS Pogo is an arcade-style action game inspired by the DOFUS Movie universe that provides a fun, interactive way for you to discover this marvellous world for yourself.)
Our artbook on the making of the movie contains 207 pages of anecdotes, exclusive pictures and juicy revelations about the film! Although it’s only available in French for the moment, it’s also chock-full of incredible illustrations. You can order your copy from January 29th on Ankama Shop.
At the heart of the struggle raging between Bonta and Brakmar at the start of the DOFUS Movie, there’s also a love story: that of Julith and Jahash. Read this amazing comic to find out how they met, fell in love... and were torn apart! Let artwork by Ancestral Z and a storyline by Tot transport you back in time to the origins of the movie. In bookshops and on Ankama Shop from February 5th.

We know what you’re thinking: as well as being a feast for the eyes, a DOFUS movie is the perfect opportunity to create some awesome new figurines! Very soon, a host of brand new Krosmasters will be introduced, both online and in the board game. That’s right: Jahash, Bakara, Grampy, Marline, Julith, Joris, Lilotte and Khan will be served up on a silver platter to do battle just for you! And if some of those names don’t ring a bell, you’ll find out more very soon... Keep an eye on our news page!

Composed by Guillaume Houzé and performed by Lille National Orchestra and its 70 professional musicians, the movie’s soundtrack will have you on the edge of your seat as light, dainty ditties give way to epic scores fit to accompany the most thrilling action scenes!
Available now in CD format from Ankama Shop and on certain platforms from January 29th onwards.


As a bonus, he’s a little comic strip concocted by Mary Pumpkins, DOFUS designer.

Our thanks to Eniripsa from Tumblr for this fan-translation of the comic!



TOT (writer)
Season 3 is rolling along nicely. As we explained before, we’re working on a serial story made up of thirteen 26-minute episodes. I think I’m being objective when I say that our current work is the best we’ve ever done on the WAKFU series, and I really can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.
Every time we release a news article, we’ll make sure we give you a short update on how the production is progressing.

NTAMAK (director)
When I arrived at Ankama over eight years ago, I never thought I’d have the chance to direct a cartoon series like WAKFU; to be given the opportunity and the responsibility to make major narrative and graphic decisions; and to coordinate things my way – but also, and perhaps best of all, to observe, communicate and thrive with all the incredibly talented people around me, with the aim of getting the very best out of each contributor to our shared project. 
WAKFU Season 3 is an extraordinary human adventure, and, on a personal level, one of my childhood dreams coming true. It’s a pleasure to see how Ankama’s animation hub is gaining in maturity all the time. Our experience with the DOFUS Movie has pushed our in-house talents to the next level: the change in calibre is tangible! 
This season, we’re dealing with new issues, as we’ve been given the possibility to create a real serial story. In terms of the narrative, I think you may be pleasantly surprised, as the tone is more mature than ever. It’s going to be a chance for us to really intensify the story, explore some of our heroes’ pasts, and set them up against major plot twists... I have to be honest, we haven’t gone easy on them!


First of all, we’d like to apologise once again for all the problems that have cropped up recently. After the “turbulence” of the latest patches and WAKFU’s recent problems, our main priority for 2016, more than ever before, will be to ensure stability within the game.
The beginning of a new year is the best time to make resolutions. But for us, the WAKFU MMO team, it’s also the time to repeat existing resolutions and try to reinforce them.
Indeed, the guiding theme behind our work for the past few years, alongside adding content and new features, has been to strive constantly to improve your gaming experience. Over the course of 2016, we plan to deliver some of the results of this hard work, whilst keeping you as up-to-date as possible on the progress and improvements to come, even if we do sometimes have to postpone them to make sure they’re just right.
On the agenda is a refreshment of the key features that make WAKFU the unique game it is, whether that means a simple debug or a full revamp – not forgetting important improvements here and there. In short, whether you’re a bloodthirsty warrior, hungry for conquest, a curious observer of this rich and exciting world, or a budding handyman, there’s something in store for you!
So, are you ready? Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of everything we hold dear for WAKFU’s future, and everything you have to look forward to, this year and beyond!
Moon Island came out last September, but if you think it’s revealed all its secrets already, think again! On the menu for the first patch of the year is a lovely batch of very high-level content, just the way we like it. Two new monster families await you: Crocodyls prowling on the beachfront, and Kannivores, monstrous, Kanniball-devouring plants, lurking in the undergrowth of the jungle.
Two new dungeons and their bosses, a new archmonster, and a new Ultimate Boss – we’ll let you guess who it is! – will also pave the way to a whole load of new equipment and Fabulous Runes. You can bet your bottom Kama that this hostile territory has plenty more surprises in store!


STORYLINE & QUESTS: Nations Chapter 4 and Final Chapter
We examined your feedback on 2015’s quest lines with great interest, especially with regard to Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the Nations quest and the Huppermagic School quest. We’d like to thank you for all your comments and support.
Although the heart of the WAKFU MMO’s gameplay does not hinge on quests, we feel that it is important to keep this narrative layer in order to give each player a main storyline to follow, plus a few secondary storylines to explore at their leisure – a bit like the Brotherhood of the Tofu in Seasons 1 and 2 of the WAKFU series.
With this in mind, we plan to continue with the Nations quest by bringing you Chapters 4 and 5 (the final chapter) over the content updates to come. These chapters will take place in Brakmar and Sufokia respectively.
The structure will remain much the same: a series of quests with different challenges to take on and characters to meet or confront, culminating in a lore-based Adventure Dungeon.
The final scene of the Nations quest will be quite the event, because at the end of the fifth and final chapter, you will be able to obtain a new divine artifact, and an impressive one at that... But it will also be an invitation for you to learn more about the different protagonists of the quest series and to finally bring to a close certain conflicts which have been going on for too long – whilst meeting some of the most iconic and colourful characters in the World of Twelve.
Beyond the distinctive narrative layer created by quests (and the texts, dialogues and visuals they involve), we’d like to draw your attention to another element which is extremely important in spite of its subtlety: level design. I’ll let Fhenris tell you more about that!


Revamps and new islands
For a few patches now, we have been trying to improve certain content which was quite old. You’ve been able to enjoy a made-over Kelba and a new version of Forfut, for example. Early this year, we will be revealing a visually reworked Monk Island. What better excuse to pay another visit to the Undieworld and take on that beastly Nun?
A little later in the year, we’ll embark on a major facelift for one of the other islands. We haven’t decided which one to choose yet, so if you have any suggestions, we’re listening!
Rest assured, though, that new content (and lots of it) is also on its way this year, including the addition of a brand new island... Watch this space!




A while ago now, we introduced the concept of artifacts, items that let you unlock unusual and exciting movement abilities. Things have been going great so far, so we’re not going to stop just yet!
We’re currently getting the Ecaflip’s Paws working: this artifact will allow you to scale cliff faces. Just like the artifact that grants the power to jump, this one will let you access hidden places and shortcuts.
In addition, we are going to revise and diversify the rewards associated with artifacts, as well as the ways in which you can obtain them.
We are also discussing an ambitious project which may or may not turn out to be feasible: an artifact that enables you to swim in shallow water!

PvP: Nation v Nation
The long-awaited sequel to PvP (Player v Player) which we first introduced in 2014 will reappear this year. The direction we have decided upon is to continue basing the system on Nation v Nation, which is already the heart of PvP and politics in WAKFU.

Two game modes will become available to you:
Battlefields, which will use a solid matchmaking system to generate balanced multiplayer fights.
They will be available in various game modes, from fixed fights in arenas to larger battlefields with different objectives.
They will allow you to collect personal rewards and climb (or not) in the PvP leaderboards.
Territory Conquest will be a much freer system, in which wild PvP will be allowed, for the glory of your Nation.
Our goal is to make sure there’s something for everyone by providing both balanced PvP and free PvP, and introducing brand new game modes.
The ecosystem is one of the fundamental elements of WAKFU that we would like to revitalise. Our aim is to offer the player a wide choice of actions that will have tangible effects on their environment. We also want to make it so that you can develop your characters in a richer, more dynamic world where all sorts of unpredictable events can arise depending on what’s happening in the area.
This is a large-scale project, and for the moment, we don’t have much to share with you, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have more news about it.

Professions and Resources
Over time, the professions in WAKFU have kind of slipped into the background as a result of most items being obtained through drops.
In the long term, we would like to create a system which makes the professions more lucrative, without changing the fact that lots of gear can still be obtained directly from monsters (we all love that shiver of excitement at the thought of dropping a legendary item...).
For this reason, our current brainstorming is focused on a fully recyclable system. All the items and resources in the game could be recycled to create more generic resources, which would in turn be used for creating items, depending on the type of activity involved.
That way, we could establish a system that combines the thrill of the drop with professions – and revitalise several aspects of the game in doing so. For example, when you receive an item you don’t want, or if you’ve lost interest in some of your old stuff, it’ll still be useful because you can recycle it and use it to obtain the new items you want.
In the same way, other generic resources will be of use to crafters, and this will add a lucrative element to other activities. For example, one special resource might be obtained via quests, Achievements, secrets (chests to find around the world), hunting and the daily quest mini-games, whilst another special resource might come from environmental challenges, hordes, treasure hunts, monster invasions and ecosystem activity. Basing the system on generic resources would also allow players to clear out their inventories.
Renewing the professions system will also mean altering the experience curve so that it fits more closely with characters’ overall progress; a thorough revision and improvement of recipes; a secure crafting interface; account-linked professions; the return of tools for professions; and various other improvements.
We are also toiling away on a system that will allow players to craft their own items, with their own characteristics, in a fun, innovative way, but nothing is set in stone on that front just yet.
Achievements are a feature that we’ve been wanting to rework for a long time. They are THE feature that should serve as a central point for all the elements and content of the game: providing a challenge to go along with each of your activities, rewarding you each time you manage to complete a challenge, and giving you an incentive to explore the whole of WAKFU’s detailed world and range of content.
Most of all, they should provide an alternative way to level up your characters: sick of the monster onslaught that makes you feel more like a butcher than a hero? Discovering the game’s content and features in detail, exceeding your own limits, and accomplishing the game’s toughest challenges would rake in heaps of experience, as well as items and other unique rewards to prove your Achievement prowess.
Finally, each Achievement would earn you Achievement Points, giving you a measure of how much you’ve progressed – and letting you compare feats with your friends.
Account-based management
With the Heroes system, we introduced the concept of managing several characters at once, but there are still plenty of improvements to come in this field. Little by little, we plan to make your life easier by associating several features with your account itself, and by letting you manage them all in the same place.
The features under consideration for this change are: Kamas, emotes and smilies, options, professions, Nations, guilds, Haven Bags, appearances, Achievements, inventories and marketplaces.
And that’s not all...
In the major topics above, we didn’t mention class balancing, improvements to existing content, accessibility and interfaces. However, all of these points are highly important to us, and we continue to work on them constantly.
In conclusion, even if not all the upgrades we have mentioned will be ready this year, we hope we’ve succeeded in giving you a comprehensive overview of our current focuses and the direction we’re headed in. 2016 promises to be a lively year with a few big surprises on the way!
We’d like to thank you for the trust you have placed in the game for all these years. Rest assured that we are 100% committed to bringing you a gaming experience that gets more and more vibrant with each new update.



Season 4
Scheduled for release in the first half of 2016, Season 4 of Krosmaster Arena is in the works as we write! It’s probably still a little early to tell all, but we can share the theme with you: Beyond the Grave! Ah, go on then... Since you’ve been so good this year, and since there are even more of you playing than there were last year, we can reveal one or two exclusive images:

What’s in store for the online game in 2016...

The launch of the PC game on Steam has led to rapid growth in the Krosmaster community! As you might have noticed, lots of American and Brazilian players have joined the arena recently!
This new impetus will continue in 2016, with new updates right from the start of the year, including (but not limited to) daily quests allowing you to earn extra Kroz, new figurines, and a new game mode in which players will need to build teams using a limited selection of Krosmasters!
The tablet version is coming along just swell; the team is still working on optimising the game and its interfaces, and you should be able to get your hands on it this spring.



The alpha testing phase for Krosmaga finished a few days ago, and the feedback we’re getting from the players is very promising indeed.
We can’t wait to share the results with more of you! But we still have a little work to do in order to take all the comments we have received on board. 
You’ll need to sit tight until March before the public beta phase begins.

For the moment, we’re carrying out tests on two divinities: the god Iop and the goddess Cra. There’s already some slight rebalancing work underway. As soon as that’s done, four new gods will hit the battlefield: the goddess Eniripsa, the god Ecaflip, the god Sram and the goddess Sacrier!
As you know, we’re planning a table-top version too: a Krosmaga card game with its very own board! We tried out a prototype at Ankama Village in Lille, and our suspicions were confirmed: we’re going to need to work out a few adjustments and changes from the PC/tablet version. Nonetheless, the potential of the project is huge! All in all, 2016 is going to be a year of great leaps forward for us!
In the meantime, here are some new visuals from the beta – we hope you find them inspiring [spoiler alert!]...



Final words:

Thank you all... for making it this far! Next month, we’ll be publishing our road map for the first six months of the year. It will contain our plans for the DOFUS and WAKFU MMOs, as well as more information on all the major dates that are coming up.