OK, yeah, we know... it’s April already! It’s true that receiving a calendar in April is a bit like getting a chocolate rabbit at Easter with his ears already bitten off. Not cool. But, better late than never, right? You can now take a look at what’s coming over the next few months with DOFUS...

What’s new this year? We’ll be regularly updating the calendar! If you’re only just getting into the swing of 2016, know that every second Monday of the month, the calendar will be updated and all new content will be added. Don’t panic if it turns out to be a little lacking some months! We’ll get round to it!
Let’s take the hot topic you’ve all been talking about: the PATCH When will it finally be here?
As you know, we’re all over it right now! Most of the development has been completed... we’re just ironing out a few teething problems We’re going to need your help to test this thing out! A beta version will be made available in time for the 2.34 update! We have used in-game architecture very similar to what is already used online: two game servers, a matchmaking server and two combat servers.
Once the testing period is over and your feedback has been taken into consideration, we’ll be back in touch with what to expect next! Don’t forget that you can follow all the latest news on the updates on the forum:
Don’t hesitate to come take a look at the calendar whenever you want and feel free to leave your comments!