Because we know that our Community is chock-full of incredible talent, and because we are always amazed to see your work, we're asking you to take part in an art contest to celebrate World Art Day!


In order for the Krosmoz artists who sleep within each of you to fully exploit their talents, we're offering you four distinct fields of competence. As such, you will be able to choose whether you want to enter the Graphical Arts portion of the contest, the Fine Arts portion, the Audiovisual Arts portion, or the Literary Arts portion.

So that you don't feel lost in this huge artistic world, we have set up precise goals for each of these fields. Here's what we are actually expecting from you:
  • Graphical Arts: Compose an A4 or A3 format poster for the DOFUS MMO. Traditional drawings (using paints, inks, crayon...) and digital drawings are both accepted.
  • Fine Arts: Create a figurine or a diorama. You may use a great variety of base materials, such as clay, papercraft, resin, styrofoam, etc.
  • Audiovisual Arts: Direct a fun video sequence related to the game; trailer, ad, or jingle.
  • Literary Arts: Imagine a story, and tell it as a comic page, using in-game screenshots for the art.

So although you now have a more precise idea of what we're shooting for, you still don't exactly know what's the subject matter at hand. OK, we're talking about DOFUS, but that's not exactly narrowing anything down! So here are four themes that you can exploit in your artistic field of choice:
  • Spring theme: "New Worlds ahoy!"
  • Summer theme: "FIIIIIGHT!!!"
  • Autumn theme: "The Dofus quest"
  • Winter theme: Free

These seasonal themes, as you may have understood by now, are displaying the same colours as the calendar that appeared before your very eyes just a few hours ago, and let you pick and choose the way you want to enter this contest.

Of course, this is all fine and dandy, but what is there to win?

First off: the immense and undeniable pleasure of sharing your marvellous creative talents with all the DOFUS Community, so that's not nothing!

More practically, as this contest is international, we have decided to choose five winners (no matter their community of origin) per artistic field, and a Staff Favourite for each Community. The prizes you may win depend on the artistic field you choose to compete in:
  • Graphical Arts: Paint Emote + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set
  • Fine Arts: Gerbean + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set
  • Audiovisual Arts: Play the Flute Emote + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set
  • Literary Arts: Write Emote + Ringomontade + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set

The thematically appropriate Sets depend on the theme you choose to work with, and are:
So! Are you ready to celebrate art any and all way possible?

Then please send us your entry before Sunday, May the 15th, at 23:59 (Paris Time) at the following address: [email protected]
Don't forget to include your account nickname (that's your public forum account name, not your login, just so we're clear).

And we're done talking. It is now up to you to get to work, and to dazzle and impress us with your wonderful entries!