Spiffy new Eniripsas, challenges by players for players, a dedicated notice interface for guilds, plus tons of other stuff we’ve shown you in the Devblogs and the beta is waiting for you in Update 2.34! Starting now!

Eniripsas have been losing their minds waiting. Well, the wait is over, Update 2.34 is here! Just this once won’t hurt…Today they’re gonna get spoiled rotten! Those of you who saw the DOFUS Live from Friday, April 1 may have thought it was a joke, but nope! The healers are taking care of themselves for once and getting freshened up in the process. To learn more about changes to this class, check out the Devblog about it.

Another major event in this Update: Community Challenges! Create Challenges for other players, and may the best player win! You (or they) can win kamas. Click here for more info on this new feature!

If you haven’t already, remember to check out the Devblog articles about the system of instant messages during fights and guild notices

It’s a safe bet that the DOFUS Live stream on April 8  answered most of your questions about the new features in this Update!

As reported in a previous news article, players who logged in at least once between 12:01 AM (Paris time) on Wednesday, February 3 and 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Monday, February 15 will receive the snuggly Baby Kerub pet. But wait! Don't rush to your gift section just yet!

Due to the enormous number of players involved, not everyone will receive this pet at exactly the same time. The pets will be rolled out to the relevant accounts over the coming week. Thank you for your patience.

And finally, with this update, Huppermages are now available when using the class change service. Have fun out there, everyone!