Are you ready to take up arms and make the blood of your enemies run for the entertainment of Goultard the Barbarian? That's good... but you're a bit early!

We're getting ready for Goultarminator VIII here in Ankama and for this next edition of the tournament we would like to offer our future champions 4 new battle maps for the final phases. And to do so, we have decided to ask the Community for help!

And so we invite you, if you so desire, to participate in the elaboration of these new maps, by drawing up their tactical layout before they go through the hands of our Level Designers.

If you want to take part in this community event, you will have to follow three simple steps:

Step #1: Use the following grid as a base for your work.


Step #2: Place the obstacle and starting position tiles in a strategic way.

: Starting positions for Team A.
: Starting positions for Team B.
: Prevents movement.
: Prevents movements and blocks the line of sight.

While doing so, you will need to keep in mind the following restrictions:
  • The map must be perfectly symmetrical.
  • The map must stay empty on the sides in order to integrate background elements.
  • The map must stay easy to read while in graphical mode, which means you should prefer several little obstacles over big obstacles.
  • The map must have 5 starting position tiles for each team.

Step #3: Post your map composition in this thread before Friday, May 13, at 10AM (Paris Time).

We will then put all the entries, from all communities, together. All those that the LD team decides they can actually use will then be put up for a community vote, so that you may directly choose the maps you wish to see the fights take place on during the final phases of the tournament.
The players who will have created the 4 maps that end up being used will win a Gerbean pet as thanks for their contribution.

Are you feeling inspired? Then all you have left to do is get inside the mind of a Level Designer, and find your way out!