A duel in the Ohwymi dunes! Update 2.37 is now available for beta testing. The heat is scorching, tumbleweeds bounce along the empty street. There's just you... and Ohwymi. Be the first to uncover the bugs!



How can I access the beta* version?

  1.  Download the beta client: Click here
  2. Test the new features.
  3. Tell us about any problems you encounter here: Click here.
  4. You can also leave comments about the update (what you liked, what you didn't...) at the end of this article.

Our game designers are waiting for feedback on three essential points:
  • Quests and monsters
  • Dungeons 
  • Feel free to signal any "regression" problems that might occur; in other words, any element that was working properly before the beta test and doesn't now.

All of the corrections and changes required will be performed so that you have a clean and beautiful extension for the launch. The content of this beta will not be exactly the same as the one presented in the update, but it will be the best version possible, thanks to your feedback.

* All of our communities can take part in the beta test, but for practical and technical reasons, it is only available in French.

A quick summary of Update 2.37

  • The Ohwymi extension will offer several zones in the full version intended for characters of level 70 to 200. You will discover Chapter 1 in this update (level 70 to 120).
  • 2 new zones: After reaching the Port of Sarakech you cross the Boney Dunes (level 70) and the Castuc Territory (level 120). (In Chapter 2, two additional new zones (level 160 and 200) come to complete the Ohwymi extension).
  • More than 30 new quests (including a dozen specific Elemental Dofus quests)
  • 16 new desert monster resources
  • 2 new monster families
  • 2 dungeons and 2 wanted monsters
  • 4 new sets
  • 4 new weapons
  • As well as extra equipment specially designed for Elemental Dofus quests.

Let's watch the sun set together on the beta server. Bring your harmonica…