Are you in a guild, or are you a guild leader? Then obviously, it has to be the best guild in the World of Twelve! You will have the chance to show everybody that your guild is the best from December 12th to January 5th in the Clash of Guilds II


The Clash of Guilds is your one chance to enter the Twelvian history books and prove to the World of Twelve that your guild (and its members) epitomize what a guild should be: unified, honorable and benevolent! Or should that be strong, disciplined and barbarous? You tell us!

During the event, you will have many occasions to show us that your guild is THE best guild on your server, or go one better: That it is THE best guild of ALL the guilds, anywhere!

How is this done?

The competition consists of 3 stages: a qualifying round on each server, a team challenge on a dedicated server and 4 additional artistic challenges.

Stage 1: Dungeon race

from December 12th to 18th

Start preparing and encouraging your most talented members: the objective is to achieve the best time for a fight against the boss in a list of 7 dungeons*. On each server, the top 10 guilds with the highest overall scores will qualify for the next stage of the competition.

*The list will be published just prior to the competition.


Stage 2: Race for achievement points in the dungeons

from December 23rd to 30th

The results of Stage 1 will be published on December 19th. Each leader of a qualified guild must then confirm their participation before December 20th and give the names of at most 16 different members who will take part in the second stage.

In the second stage, the objective is for the 16 representatives to accumulate the maximum number of dungeon achievement points on a dedicated server* and climb to the top of the Ladder. The more points your guild has, the more chance you have of reaching the winner’s podium!

*The competition will be held on a new server where selected players will be automatically put at level 200 and given a stock of specific items.


Stage 3: Artistic challenges

from December 23rd to January 5th

In parallel to Stage 2, each leader can name five additional members for four artistic challenges: drawing, music, writing and video. Each participation must respect the “Dungeons & Challenges” theme when representing their guild.

So what about prizes?

Glory and honour, sir! But that's not all!

For winning guilds:

A podium for the 3 victorious guilds will be set up on each server.
  • The first guild on each server will win exclusive items: “Guild Helmet and Cloak”, 3 x Guild Mystery Boxes for each of its members*, and have their coat of arms displayed.
  • The second guild on each server will win 3 x Guild Mystery Boxes for each of its members*.
  • The third guild on each server will win 1 x Guild Mystery Box for each of its members*.

+ The guild with the best overall score, all servers included, will receive the exclusive title of “Emeritus Ally” as well as the “Iop” fatal blow for each of the 16 members who participated in the achievements race.

*Including those who were not on the server during the competition.

Stage 1 - Dungeon race:

All the groups that complete the 7 dungeons in Stage 1 win 1 x Dominator Mystery Box.


Stage 3 - Artistic challenge:

For each of the categories there will be an overall top 10, all servers combined:
  • Drawing: the top 10 win the Painting emote + an emote of their choice in the shop.
  • Writing: the top 10 win the Writing emote + an emote of their choice in the shop.
  • Music: the top 10 win the Flute emote + an emote of their choice in the shop.
  • Video: the top 10 win the Gerbean pet + an emote of their choice in the shop.

Stage 2 & 3:

All of the players who actively and successfully take part in stage 2 and 3 win a Snow Bow Meow pet.

So now that we’ve told you everything (or nearly) you just have to get ready, unite the members of your guild, and set off to conquer the Clash of Guilds II starting on December 12th: Good luck everyone!