It's Carnival time, so keep your intentions masked! Pretend to be someone you're not and trick your enemies with the help of the Mimisymbics! From Wednesday, February 22nd to Monday, February 27th, get two Mimisymbics for the price of one.

Are you're cleverly cunning, or just downright sneaky? Either way, you're trying to hoodwink your opponents. If so, the Mimisymbic can be one of your greatest allies! With this little creature and its Sram-like duplicitousness, your items will look less powerful than they really are, which gives you an unmistakable advantage at all times!
To (re)introduce you to Mimisymbics, we've devoted these next few days to them! From this Wednesday and until Monday, February 27th 11:59 pm (Paris time), you'll get one free Mimisymbic for each Mimisymbic you buy! Isn't life mimimarvellous?