It's time for a new Dungeon Rusher! For this thirteenth edition, we're giving you the chance to prove yourself against a tentacular monster: the Giant Kralove! On top of that, there's a brand new shield to be won. It's time to make 13 your lucky number!

From Saturday, February 25th at 12:01 am until Sunday, February 26th at 11:59 pm, your goal is to escape from the sticky clutches of a monster who's clingy, to say the least! The Giant Kralove is waiting for you in his lair and he's got more than enough love to go around! 

Some of the most incredible and terrifying stories you'll ever hear are about him. Some say that the Giant Kralove once devoured a whole flotilla of little ships. Other, more moderate storytellers, claim it was actually some delicious paella, prepared by the famous fishmonger Lil Sheeps.

In any case, the Giant Kralove is, first and foremost, the official mascot of the Foggernauts, those Oktapodus lovers with the webbed feet and pruned fingers from spending too much time underwater.
How about you? Are you ready to dive in?

As a reward for this Dungeon Rusher, win a Giant Kralove Shield*!

Warning: The shield won’t be dropped by the boss, but will be credited to your account during the week following this event. 
*Offer valid once per account. Monsters killed in the arena are not counted.