Patiently and opportunistically, they await you in the shadows. Your mistakes and lapses are your misfortune and their fortune. Investigation into account thieves and their favorite snare: phishing!


Wazzat? Phishing is a technique which consists of luring a player to a page which looks like one of our websites but which doesn't belong to us. If you try to log in on this bogus page, your secret login details will be collected by the thief, who will then be able to clean you out!

Far from a new phenomenon, theft through phishing is a problem that many major companies experience online. On DOFUS, like elsewhere, adopt Cra's vigilance.

Today, we're giving you all of the tricks to beat thieves and keep your precious stuff. We're providing you with a (thick) file on phishing, the cornerstone of a whole section dedicated to security.

"What is phishing?"
"How do thieves draw you in?"
"How can you protect your account effectively?"
"What are the risks if you are a victim or a thief?"

All shall be revealed…