On the weekend next week, the DOFUS Cup starts! What's that? You're not registered or you're not interested? OK then, Goultard has your back! On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March (until 23:59, Paris Time), the doors of all the dungeons* will be unlocked, so you can come and go as many times as you like!

Yep! Goultard himself will be working overtime on this bonus weekend! He's the one who will be handing over the keys you need as many times as you want: each time you want to go back into a dungeon you have already visited, just go and find him at the Amakna Castle Zaap!

This weekend, Dungeon Bosses want you into their home, so you'll enjoy free entry to all the dungeons*! Roam them at your leisure. But be careful! No arrangements have been made for getting out of the Dungeons, so... it might be a trap.

Oh, and if you're not subscribed but want to take advantage of this event, we have another surprise for you: a special 2 Day subscription pack will be available during the bonus week-end, for 450 ogrines! Have a great weekend!

*: Divine Dimensions Dungeons, because they are not featured on the Bunch of Keys, are not rechargeable and are not part of this event. Sorry.