The DOFUS Cup kicked off last weekend. For two days, 1,500 teams fought tooth and nail in a desperate battle to take home the cup. Let’s look back over the first 5 rounds of fighting! 



Huge differences apparent on the first week-end

The first week-end was highly productive: from 3 pm to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday, 5 rounds of fighting took place, making for around 2000 matches. Out of 1,500 teams registered, 393 were automatically disqualified. If there is one thing that ran completely amok, it was the timer: a record of 7 minutes, 49 seconds for shortest fight, in stark contrast with a marathon of a fight between “Natacha” and “Casa de Locos” in a match lasting 1 hour 59 minutes and 24 seconds with a total of... 69 fight rounds. That’s enough to drive even Xelor bonkers!


Let’s take a look at the provisional rankings:

Here’s a quick look at the provisional rankings after the first 5 rounds. We have a total of 46 undefeated teams. It’s still too early to talk about favorites but everything would lead us to conclude that we have already found many of the future finalists!

In the top three teams we have “Blossom”, from the Hyrkul server (15 pts), the Djaulians of “Orgie Animale” (15 pts), and “Yatusa Yatusa”, from the Helsephine server (15 pts).


Focus on… the longest match

As we just said, the longest match this weekend was fought between the teams, “Natacha” of Brumaire and “Casa de locos” of Buhorado, which resulted in a 1 hour and 20 minute delay for the rest of the day. When it started getting too late we decided to cancel Round 3 so that there wouldn’t be too many no-show penalties.


A new rule to stop delays

To avoid a repeat of what happened in Round 1 we have placed a time limit on matches in the qualifying phases. From now on after one hour 15 minutes of match the team with the most characters alive (excluding resurrected Osamodas’ ) will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, it will be the sum of the characters’ health points (excluding boosts) that counts.


To be continued... tomorrow!


Rounds 7-9 and 10-12 will be held this weekend, on March 18 and 19 respectively, starting at 3 pm. To keep up to date with the tournament you can watch the voluntary streaming channels:

Crépuscule d’Opaline:


Naho may:

Les Petites Crapules:


And don’t forget, there are also channels where you can live the experience from inside. Check them out in the DOFUS Streaming Center!



Rules excerpt:

Participants are responsible for filling out the end-of-battle form specifying the team that won the match.

/!\ Filling out the results in the form is obligatory for both teams after each fight, and teams that do not do this, or who give incorrect results will be sanctioned (see "Rules and Sanctions"). /!\