Animals are her life. Killing them for fur: she’ll never let that happen! This young Osamodas has only one objective: to protect the island’s fauna and preserve its many species for future generations. From Tofus to Plain Pikokos and even Craborals, she keeps them all safe!  Today, we present an exclusive interview with Mishell for Animal Nation with Rigide Barjo


In a cozy room decorated with portraits of Bow Meows and other lovingly-framed cuddly creatures, Rigide Barjo greets her guest, Mishell

      "Hi Mishell, before we get started, there’s one question I’ve been dying to ask you. I hope you don’t mind... We’ve heard you keep a creature that is totally one of a kind, something we’ve never seen before in the World of Twelve. That’s just crazy! Is it true?"
      "Absolutely! It's a Gobgob! The only one of its kind seen to this day. Wait just a second, I’ll introduce you."  Mishell sticks two fingers under her tongue and lets out a short piercing whistle. No sooner has she done so when a Gobgob rushes at them and begins licking Mishell’s hand, just like a little Bow Wow. 
      "AAAAAAHHH! Amaaaazzzingg! Ain’t he just the cuuutest lil'....!"
      "Um... yes. But, ah, actually, he’s very sensitive to high-pitched noises." Mishell says with a wince, "Like shrieks. And other annoying sounds."
      "Oh, I but totally understand! I can’t stand them either! What do you call the little fella?"
      "Awww, he’s such a cutie!"
      "Yes, that’s what the hunters think too. They’ve tried to kill him several times!"
      "Hunters? But that’s awful… who are these hunters? Why would they...?"
     "Abject brutes, totally devoid of any compassion I imagine. After centuries of collecting all the creatures in the World of Twelve to keep them safe on my island there was one thing I feared the most: news of my island reaching the ears of unscrupulous Twelvians. That has happened now. Merciless hunters have set up a camp on Nimaltopia and are unleashing terror on my little creatures and myself. As you know, I am totally against all forms of violence. So, while I try and find another solution I have forced my creatures to go into hiding... "
      "But that is so sad... How could anyone harm such adorable creatures?!" Upon saying this, Rigide Barjo throws herself on top of Cancane, squeezing him tightly in her arms. The poor animal is much bigger than her but can’t manage to defend himself from the excessive display of affection.

His guardian looks on, bemused.  "Violence to animals comes in many forms, you know... "

Rigide Barjo continues to frantically kiss the animal’s head, covering his fur in red lipstick. 

      "By creating a nature reserve," continues Mishell, sadly, "I have also given hunters an ideal hunting ground where they can pick and choose their prey. It is my greatest regret."

Overcome by emotion on hearing Mishell’s pitiful tale, Rigide Barjo squeezes the poor animal even tighter. It is now turning blue from lack of oxygen. 

      "Luckily, an Osamodas is always full of ideas when it comes to saving their hides! For a few weeks, my little friends and I have been working on a project that will help us escape these terrible hunters: an ark, large enough to hold all of us and transport us to a safer place."
      "An ark! What a wonderful idea!" cries Rigide Barjo in a joyful outburst, struggling to pick up Cancane. 
      "Actually, if you don’t mind I would like to stop for a second to give viewers an important message."
      "Of course!"
      "If there are any adventurers who, like myself, are devoted to animal protection. You can help our cause by hunting these poachers who are destroying our precious ecosystem one animal at a time. Together we may be able to finally beat them!"
      "I think that your message has touched all of our hearts, Mishell, and I pray to Osamodas that the situation improves soon. In the meantime, we all wish the best of luck to you and Cancane in your wooonderful project!"

Want to help Mishell and Cancane?  Then, head straight to the island of Nimaltopia. It will also give you a chance to try out a totally new form of transport: the Seemyoolbus!