The grand final of the DOFUS Cup took place only a few days ago, bringing together the two best teams out of the 1,500 teams registered. It was an extraordinary tournament with a fabulous reward: a €1,500 cash prize for the winners – Orgie Animale.



Taking Stock

The results of this DOFUS Cup are excellent: 6,600 players registered for only 4,500 places, which vanished in barely 24 hours. In total, in the month the competition took place, more than 5,500 matches took place on the tournament server.

nd the final stages won't be outdone in terms of numbers: between the 32nd-finals and the semi-finals, our partner brought together an average of almost 4,000 simultaneous spectators.

As for the final, it gave us a grandiose spectacle with numbers that were just as impressive: a peak audience of 8,000 simultaneous spectators, and an average of 7,000, which allowed us to raise DOFUS to 2nd place in French language channels (a place it also reached during the semi-finals!), and we even stole the first place at the end of the evening! The DOFUS Cup even gained a global reputation to be proud of: our partner channel, Eclypsia, came 16th place worldwide!

A Classic Final

Selected from 15 round matches, winners of the 5 BO3 in the final stages, Orgie Animale and No Game No Life faced each other at 7 p.m. (CEST) on Sunday. Before they started the first match, the result of this final was highly unpredictable: the two teams had an almost identical score, with 22 victories and 6 defeats for Orgie Animale, and 23 victories and 5 defeats for No Game No Life. The whole final was in the image of this shared balance of power: despite the first match being quickly won by Orgie Animale, No Game No Life added to their score twice, before allowing Orgie Animale to establish themselves on the 5th and final match of the encounter.

They therefore won the €1,500 cash prize, whereas No Game No Life left defeated, but with a consolation prize of €900. As for the 6 semi-finalists who lost on Friday, they didn't go away empty-handed: they left the tournament with €100 each.

We invite all of these players to keep an eye on their inbox or to contact us very soon so they can, in order to find out how to receive their cash prize.


We would also like to thank everyone who was involved in this success. The volunteers, moderators, and game masters, who worked throughout the entire tournament to make sure it ran smoothly and that the rules were followed, and who made themselves readily available to respond to all your questions.

The various volunteer streams, which let you experience the qualifying stages, as well as our partner, Eclypsia, for the trust they placed in us and their professionalism, as well as the four DOFUS commentators: Nahomay, Dofla, Irumi, Centenaire, Midl, and Feudalien.

Lastly, we'd like to thank all the participants for the quality of the matches they took part in that gave us such a great spectacle, and of course, we'd like to give you our thanks for having followed the DOFUS Cup in such great numbers!

A First Step Toward e-Sport

The positive results of this tournament reassure us in our efforts to make DOFUS an e-Sports landscape in France and worldwide. We now have distinct arguments to develop more regular events on a completely different scale. The next tournament is already being prepared, and we've collected your views on the various forums and social networks, in order to implement the necessary improvements.

Our scope for improvement is still very wide: we can, for example, suggest automating match sheets, but also a system that would allow for easier draft phases for players and commentators. Obviously, not to mention adding new pages on our website, which would allow you to follow upcoming tournaments in every detail!

More than ever, we're motivated and determined to offer you an impressive, regular, competitive system, and right now, we can't wait for just one thing: to see you at the start of August for the start of the next tournament!