Hey… Pssst… The new Mystery Box is here… You've got until May 22nd to quietly slip into the Shop to get it, just like that, oh so innocently… Do it quickly! 


You can get the new Camouflage Mystery Box until May 22nd. For those who aren't yet familiar with the principle, it's simple: open the box, and you'll win one of the items it contains at random! One thing's for sure: its contents won't go unnoticed! See for yourself:  

Common Items:

  • Karotz Set
  • Lektor Set
  • Phong Huss Set
  • Tracon Set

Uncommon Items:

  • Mimisymbic
  • Livitinem Cape
  • Parasymbic Cape
  • Livitinem Hat
  • Parasymbic Hat
  • 4 Mimisymbics

Rare Items:

  • Parasymbic Set
  • Livitinem Set

This Mystery Box is available in the Shop for the price of 1,000 Ogrines. 

Please note: in order to redeem your Mystery Box, you need to go to your Pending Gifts page.