In the desolate lands of Sidimote, fearless and foolhardy travelers not long ago discovered some rather intriguing dwellings that sported impish grins. Their name will make you either laugh or run for the hills, but the Magik Riktus are in fact the kings of plundering, pillaging, and Cawwots! A look at one of the weirder clans around...


Formed out of brotherly love and a shared fondness for raw veggies and music, the Magik Riktus have not always been universally loved. These entertainers used to bang on cabbages, but that didn't really work for them. Left without work due to the public's general lack of appreciation and outright close-mindedness, the Magik Riktus searched and searched for that special thing to finally become idolized troubadours and no longer subject to lobbed tomatoes (most felt that the noise they produced didn't deserve peanuts). 

In some fit of roguery, it would seem, our starving artists turned to a most innovative, state-of-the-art approach: performance robbery. The concept was really quite simple: they would relieve the spectators of all their belongings at the end of each show! This proved a more fruitful means of filling their bellies than the bits of vegetable mostly ground up by their furious drumming. 

It was a resounding success, like the sound of clubbing an unripened watermelon. To the point where many of their fans (most of them young) would plead with them by holding up zucchinis or some other vegetable apt to convey their burning desire to join the Magik Riktus Clan, as they had officially come to be known. 

"Take me! Take me!" they would shout, tears streaming down their faces. 

After initially turning them down, the clan – which had become a runaway Bwork'n'Roll sensation – decided to grant their groupies' wishes and start recruiting new members. They cherry-picked the liveliest and gutsiest of the bunch.  

Over the years, their thieving techniques would advance to near-perfection, when suddenly, the four brothers vanished, leaving behind an army of idle successors who were as energetic as an onion skin gone to waste

Having adopted a much lower profile than their predecessors, the new generation of Magik Riktus eventually blended in with the crowd, all but fading into obscurity… But just ask any Rogue: once you get a taste for petty crime, it's hard to kick the habit! Their first recruit, Yrucrem, has been determined to keep Riktusian values alive, and deserves the credit for the clan's recent comeback

Now, a group of die-hard bandits are standing up to damage-takers once and for all. You can find them near a lava geyser or big top, in the vicinity of Caravan Alley, on the sulfurous lands of Sidimote, and beyond. But be wary… They may look like clowns, but you'll be the butt of a mean joke once they've finished with you! And don't be fooled by the friendly, welcoming faces on their huts, either. You could end up losing more than just your money while inside… 

After lurking in the shadows for years, the Riktus Bandits have honed their talents as rascals, scoundrels, and professional miscreants, now pairing magic with larceny. After all, making the contents of someone's purse disappear right under their nose amounts to prestidigitation! Much like the trick of correctly pronouncing "prestidigitation" on the first try.

Nevertheless, if you like sleight of hand and are the adventurous type, you can always take Route 666 toward Caravan Alley, where you'll meet the clan's leader, the illusionist Cauldini.