Nice weather is coming and with it an irrepressible desire to get a change of air. Aaah, its exotic beaches, its mysterious jungle, its creatures ready to devour you: how about taking a trip to that lost world that opens its doors each summer? Vulkania is coming back July 4th, but YOU won't be coming back! 

From Bonta to Brakmar, and even in Frigost, life finds a way... Even in Vulkania, the lost world that forever marks the memory of anyone who's stepped foot there! (Assuming they made it back...)

But to tell the truth, if we listen to the rumours floating around Madrestam Harbour, you're more likely to meet... death!
Because Grozilla and Grasmera are waiting for you with big strong paws on Vulkania Island!

But that's not all. You can also:
  • Get the Emotes "Vulkanian Salute", "Superhero", "Lizard", "Stock".
  • Participate in the competition between the villages of Vulkorog and Otomaisle.
  • Catch a typically vulkan mount: the Madreggon!
  • Win the Magmatic Set and the Quartzotic Set.
  • Acquire a level 190 or higher weapon...
  • And get over 40 achievements!

So hurry! And once you're there, don't stop running...

See you July 4th!