Registrations for the DOFUS World Series have started! Contact your friends, form a team, and come participate in the competition! 


From August to October, the DOFUS World Series will be all the rage in the World of Twelve! This completely new tournament, introduced last week, is already looking epic!

But before rushing to sign up to assure your place in the tournament, don't forget to consult the rules: signing up indicates that you accept those terms!

The Fight Calendar

  • July 30th to August 27th: Qualification Stages
    • Sunday, July 30th: Rounds 1, 2 and 3
    • Monday, July 31st: Rounds 4 and 5
    • Sunday, August 6th: Rounds 6, 7 and 8
    • Monday, August 7th: Rounds 9 and 10
    • Thursday, August 10th: Rounds 11 and 12
    • Sunday, August 20th: Rounds 13, 14 and 15
    • Monday, August 21st: Rounds 16 and 17
    • Thursday, August 24th: Sweet Sixteen
    • Sunday, August 27th: Elite Eight
  • From September 10th to October 23rd: Championship 
    • Sunday, September 10th: Day 1
    • Monday, September 11th: Day 2
    • Sunday, September 17th: Day 3
    • Monday, September 18th: Day 4
    • Sunday, September 24th: Day 5
    • Monday, September 25th: Day 6
    • Sunday, October 1st: Day 7
    • Monday, October 2nd: Day 8
    • Sunday, October 8th: Day 9
    • Monday, October 9th: Day 10
    • Sunday, October 15th: Day 11
    • Monday, October 16th: Day 12
    • Sunday, October 22nd: Day 13
    • Monday, October 23rd: Day 14
  • From October 28th to November 5th: Final Stages
    • Saturday, October 28th: Semi-final 1
    • Sunday, October 29th: Semi-final 2
    • Between November 1st and 5th: Final at Paris Games Week

Register and take part

To register for the tournament, you need to have a character of level 150 or higher and to visit the signup page to register your team of 3 different players before Wednesday, July 12th at 23:59 (Paris Time)

If you're younger than 18 as of July 30th, 2017, you will have to provide a parental authorization to participate in the tournament. It must be completed and sent by e-mail to [email protected]. It must be accompanied by a scan of a proof of your identity and that of your legal guardian's. 

The composition of your team must respect the following criteria: 
  • It cannot contain more than one class from the list below: 
    • Osamodas
    • Sacrier
    • Xelor
    • Eniripsa
    • Feca
  • The following class pairings are forbidden:
    • Sadida/Osamodas
    • Masqueraider/Osamodas
    • Masqueraider/Sacrier
    • Ecaflip/Feca
    • Ouginak/Feca
    • Enutrof/Xelor
    • Enutrof/Sacrier
    • Enutrof/Eliotrope
  • Class double-ups are, of course, also forbidden.

Warning: it is no longer possible to change your class so that you can participate in the tournament, anyone who does so will invalidate their registration. Similarly, you are also not permitted to reserve a server transfer for Tuesdays July 11th and 18th.

On the tournament server, you will find a naked copy of your character whose characteristics will automatically be set at 100 with 995 normal points to redistribute and all of their class spells, plus all common spells, leveled to level 6. You will have access to a preselected inventory of items  with perfect stats and each character will also have a permanent bonus giving them +1 AP+1 MP, and +1 Range.