Do you like to commentate and have a real passion for PvP? Take part in hosting the DOFUS World Series by broadcasting the qualification phases!


From Sunday, July 30th to Sunday, August 27th, 1,500 teams will confront each other in the DWS until there are only 8 remaining. Maybe you're one of those players that prefer to keep out of the fight in order better analyze and commentate it?

If you like PvP, have a Twitch and/or YouTube channel, and you've already broadcasted at least one amateur DOFUS tournament, then you meet the conditions to broadcast the event!

And nothing could be easier than submitting your candidature! Simply provide the link to your stream on Twitter, as well as the name of an amateur tournament you've rebroadcast, with the hashtags #DWS and #StreamingEN. We'll go through all the applicants and contact you by private message if you've been selected!

However, be careful to be sure that you'll be able to be present for most of the following dates (all times are Paris Time) before applying:

Sunday, July 30th
  • 14:00: Round 1
  • 16:00: Round 2
  • 18:00: Round 3
Monday, July 31st
  • 20:00: Round 4
  • 22:00: Round 5
Sunday, August 6th
  • 14:00: Round 6
  • 16:00: Round 7
  • 18:00: Round 8
Monday, August 7th
  • 20:00: Round 9
  • 22:00: Round 10
Thursday, August 10th
  • 20:00: Round 11
  • 22:00: Round 12
Sunday, August 20th
  • 14:00: Round 13
  • 16:00: Round 14
  • 18:00: Round 15
Monday, August 21st
  • 20:00: Round 16
  • 22:00: Round 17
Thursday, August 24th
  • 20:00: Sweet Sixteens
Sunday, August 27th
  • 20:00: Elite Eights

If you think you have the right profile, don't wait — apply now!