Starting next week, the forum that you all know, on which you've surely spent countless hours and evenings, is going to give way to a brand new forum! New functionalities, new interface… we'll explain everything!


If you've taken a little tour over on WAKFU, Krosmaga, or even DOFUS Touch's forums, you've already seen a rough draft of the forum which will go into production next week. The forum will be adapted to smartphones and tablets, and the navigation has been revised and improved to let you navigate the internet peacefully.

New functionalities are going to appear which will mostly help you be more efficient in your searches on the forum and in following the information that interests you.

Notably, you'll find:
  • Follow a subject: You'll be able to follow one or several threads that interest you in real time. You just have to click on the star to the right of the thread's title. Then you'll receive a notification anytime something new is posted in the thread.
    You can find a complete list of your followed threads in "My Followed Threads" (pretty good name, huh?).
    If you no longer want to follow a particular thread, you just have to click on the star again to unselect it.
  • "Incremental" comments: you'll be able to respond directly to a comment below it by writing in the "reply" field. You'll no longer have to respond to everyone who's commented on a thread: you can specifically target a speaker and have a nice, peaceful conversation with them. You can also quote a comment, just like in the old forum - nothing's changed there! 
  • Display read/unread messages: Read messages will be grey, and unread messages will be white.
  • Highlighting Ankama's interventions: You'll no longer need to crawl through pages and pages of a thread to find the a dev or CM's comments. They'll be indexed just below the thread. You just have to click to the left or the right to scroll through them, then click on them to see the response in context.
  • Tracker: The appearance of trackers has changed. In the new version of the forum, you can pass your mouse over the Ankama icon to see the different active trackers on the thread. You can click on the desired tracker if you want to display just that tracker's contents for that particular thread. From the thread list, you can sometimes see a little Ankama icon (see icon below). Move your cursor over it to see the active trackers on the thread. You can click on the desired tracker if you want to display just that tracker's contents for that particular thread.
    A small reminder about the trackers:
    • AnkaTracker: A staff member has participated in this conversation.
    • DevTracker: a dev has participated in this conversation.
    • ReplyTracker: a player's response has been accepted as valid by the DOFUS team.
    • News: To follow the posted news.
  • Forum Score: Before, the only indication of activity that you had on the forums was the number of Dofus under your avatar.   Now you'll find a score, which indicates your engagement on the forums. Note: this is not about pointing out trolls or rewarding players who make googly eyes at us. There are several factors that come into it, including the way the post is perceived by the community in terms of thumbs-ups and and thumbs-downs. We can assure you that flooding the forum to improve your score won't work. The goal is still to encourage players to post quality content and discussions.

We'll continue improving the forum over the next month. We have more than a few surprises in store, and we can't wait to share them with you.