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After a week of signups, we have the list of DOFUS World Series - Summer Edition 2017 participants! Which are your favorites?


After a massive rush of signups when it was first opened (more than 300 teams signed up in less than 10 minutes!), and a more normal rhythm for the rest of the week, the list of the 4,500 players taking part in the tournament is now available.


The tournament server will open its doors Friday, July 21st, and then you can start training under tournament conditions.

You'll all have an inventory containing almost all the level 160+ gear, as well as certain exceptions like the Dreggon Helmet or shields. You'll also have a stable filled with all the mounts in the game at your disposal.
Your characters will also have one extra AP, MP, and Range, in order to make up for the lack of exotic Smithmagic on your items, and you'll also find an NPC who will let you reset your characteristics at will

And to wrap it up, the innovation for DWS, after the DOFUS Cup, will be the Kolossium: it will be available on the tournament server in order to let you easily find opponents to get in top form before the official matches!

Get ready to throw down: it's going to get real serious real quick!