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The story I am about to tell begins in a far-off time when myths and legends clashed. The origins of the Ivory Dofus are manifold and complex; some our knowledge of them has come down to us in a fragmented form, and some has been distorted by the thirst for glory — or the shame — of those who have told their tale.


Our story, like many others that end in tragedy, begins with an obsession. When the god Sadida first presented Dardondakal, the white dragon, with the doll he had made especially for him, the dragon immediately formed a bond of unconditional love with it. From the fusion of their two spirits, the Ivory Dofus was born. An object so powerful, so perfect, that the dragon could gaze upon it for days as a reflection of his own perfection, polishing it every morning and admiring it for hours on end, to the point that he eventually lost track of the very notion of time itself. For more than 200 years, he coddled and fussed over his egg… until, under dark and mysterious circumstances, it came into the possession of the first guild of the Guardians of the Primordial Dofus.

Some time later, Ereziah found himself needing to borrow the Ivory Dofus from his Guardian in order to thwart Djaul's wicked plans. The cost of forcing the demon to his knees was a steep one: sacrificing the harmony that had once existed among the Dofus. It was during this time that Lumino was created, the offspring of a Minifoux and the Ivory Dofus. Together with the other Multimen, his mission was to fight back against Shadow, who sought to utterly annihilate the universe. Ereziah perished in the battle, dragging Shadow with him into a great pit, and the Multimen were separated for 500 years.

Only rumors and lost legends told of what happened after that… at least for a time. What we do know is that Rykke Errel sliced Bolgrot open from end to end, and that Bolgrot succumbed to his injuries. The Brotherhood of the Guardians of the Dofus discovered the 6 Primordial Dofus in the beast's entrails. The series of events by which Bolgrot had come into possession of this ultimate power is unknown at present. Nevertheless, the dragon eggs had found their way back to their guardians.

Two years after these events, our story tells of a new tragedy. Dardondakal, creator of the Ivory Dofus and the very dragon with whom our story first began, breathed his final breath, slain by the blade of a dark being known as Hyrkul, champion of Brakmar, both loved and feared by those around him. His strength and determination were matched only by the darkness of the beast that had given him his power. Possessed by a black dragon just before the first Crimson Aurora, Hyrkul got the upper hand on Dardondakal.  The white dragon lost his life and his physical form. His soul, however, traveled through time and space to fuse with his proudest creation. Dardondakal's soul was finally at one with his Dofus. The dragon had been reunited with the object of his obsession…

Magus Ax

[End of Chapter 1]