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From today through October 15th, take advantage of 30% off the regular price of living items. But that's not all: the living Shushivin Set is back! Don't miss out! 


"To be a lone adventurer is to be alone." This single quote, taken from the writings of an illustrious but anonymous Iop thinker on the Twelvian condition, rejects the paradox of the reclusive warrior. 

Happily, the onward march of technology continues to improve the comforts enjoyed by adventurers, and now they can even procure living sets to relieve their oh-so-lonesome existence. The modern Twelvian can chit-chat away with their boots or their hat without anyone thinking them mad. Okay, you might still think them a little mad… But who cares!

You too will fall for these living items that are sure to provide the love and attention you're missing! These items are currently 30% off and will be through October 15th!

More good news: the Shushivin Set is permanently back in the Shop. 

Don't miss out!